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March 11, 2012


Mitch is going to feel so much better without the eye pain. Good luck and quick recovery Mitch!

Sending good vibes and thoughts to Mitch and Wilbur. How nice it will be that there will be no more pain and that they'll feel so much better!

I have always treasured my vision. I cant think of life with out sight...but you have showed me that it is only one part of life. I hope I never go blind, but now I know there are worse things than being blind. What a very handsome dog Mitch is. I hope he revels in his new pain free life. He and Wilbur can swap surgery stories and re discover what their noses are really all about. Bless them both with speedy recoveries.

Ditto what Mary H said.

Big hugs all around,
ginger & Tlingit

I was worried to see the same posting on the blog for many days when I saw your post today. No wonder you have been so busy. I hope the surgeries go well and both dogs have a speedy recovery. I'll be thinking good thoughts for all of you.

It looks like Amy is taking a big bite of Mitch in that first photo - - must be a love-bite! Get well soon, boys.

Two surgeries on Tuesday - hopefully it's the two-for-one discount! We will be pulling for both dogs to come out feeling much better!!

Mitch is going to feel so much better than he thought he could with the pain gone. Extra cyber hugs going to Mitch and the Wilbster as they have their surgeries.

This means I'll be keeping Wilbur AND Mitch in my thoughts and prayers!

A big hug to you all from Italy.

Mitch---Aunt Shirley LOVES you!

It's always good to see that handsome devil, Mitch, although I wish it were under happy circumstances. The happy part must be that Mitch will soon feel lots better than he does now. Good decision, folks. Best get-well wishes to both patients.

What a precious, beautiful boy!
Hang in there, Mitch...only two more days and you will be on the road to pain free!!!

Oh goodness... thank you for letting us know and for taking such good care of Mitch. He's one of my favorites.
I'll be thinking about him and Wilbur and hoping for a speedy recovery for both guys!

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