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March 30, 2012


My doxies sleep like this! And my blind girl has no problem finding the rays of sunshine. Love you guys!

With this sweet sweet picture as my background I will have moments of peace all through the day....

Steve and Alayne,

You're just not up on the newest yoga positions. This is "downward twisted dog" in Dexter's version of "hot" yoga.


When my dogs do this, we call it the "s" shape pose:) So sweet!

Great shot, Alayne! Dexter looks so serene, doesn't he?

These three cats in Meknes, Morocco, seemed quite content, too, to sit or lie in a patch of sunshine, (my husband Gianluca took this picture on March 16, 2012).

WARMS my heart!!!

My heart just melted :)

I could watch doxie's sleep... play... eat.... all day. what a sweet shot of Dexter. Frankie cranks her head to the side like that sometimes too and all I can think of how sore my neck would be!
Hugs and kisses to little Dexter!

And to think this little guy was "too old" to be adoptable and luckily made it to RDF. A lesson in this for all of us, particularly those of us who are "older". LIfe is Good!!


Dexter is just so sweet. That is a picture of doggie bliss if ever I saw one!

I've been owned by several doxies over the years and and I've seen a few in this position. I'm so glad that you saved Dexter's life so he can sleep peacefully in the sun!

You are MY sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey.........

Move over, Dexter-Cutie, so I can join you in that sunny nap.

Is that yoga pose, Dexter!? - he looks very peaceful. :)

I often catch my beloved doxies sleeping in just such a position in the sun occupied with doxie dreams. Boy! What I wouldn't give to sleep that sound! :)

O.K., we love all the photos you post in the blog. The animals are always so cute or funny. But this one of Dexter is just the sweetest thing. He looks so serene asleep in the sun. It makes you want to lay down next to him, pet his soft tummy and fall asleep too.

I wish every dog could have a life that would make them feel as secure as the Dexter does in this photo.So precious with not a care in the world while he sleeps.Happy dreams Dexter.

Awww...sweet thing. Makes me wanna just curl up with him and nap.

Awwww. So sweet.

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