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March 06, 2012


I was blessed to have the opportunity to name this little guy when he came out of the shelter with only an ID number. Thank you for taking such good care of him and offering him another chance at a good life!

Like Wilbur, our dog Little Bit, had the lenses in her eyes come loose. We were not able to afford the surgery but were able to manage the pressure and discomfort with prescription eye drops and daily eyeball massages with her head tilted so that the lense 'righted' itself and relieved the pressure.

Good wishes going out to Wilbur - can't wait to hear the results of the surgery.

So much good news lately- so very glad for that!

I heart the Wilbster too!

Dear brave sweet Wilbur:

You will be in our prayers throughout your surgery.

It really amazing how good he was through all of that! He must have total trust in everyone!

Wilbur is such a cutie! Glad that all seems to be going well for him and looking forward to hearing how the surgery goes. He's so lucky to be at RDF!

What an angel! I am so thankful that he has the love and attention he so much deserves.

Dear little Wilbur....I send you just the BIGGEST hug my are just SO lucky to be in such loving and caring hands...

Wilbur, you are such a little gent! I am gratified that one of his little eyes can be saved. His first break was coming to RDF. This will be his 2nd!

Precious baby, that Wilbur! So sweet to hear what a good patient he was. :-)

I learn so much from reading these posts. The best part, however, is learning how the lives of your residents are being enriched. And I have a huge case of "Wilbur Love" brewing...I "heart" the Wilbster!

That is great!
Good for you, Wilbur. And what a great example you set for behavior at the doctors office.

What a brave little trooper, Wilbur is!:-)

I shall keep him in my thoughts and prayers until I hear he has come through his surgery with flying colours.

Forgot how little Wilbur was....such a cutie!

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