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March 25, 2012


Dogs can be such goofballs. Mine like to dig the cushions off the couch and then lay down.

Love your posts, Steve! Glad you're back, and I hope you had some nice time off with the family.

How much would you charge for me to use Owen's services? I could use him to strip the bed and perhaps I could get him to help me with the laundry. Maybe he could teach my 3 lazy dogs something! :)

He's so cute!!

It's good that he has a hobby! Looks to me like it was all about making a nice comfy private dog bed. Very resourceful indeed!

Love the photos and glad the blog is back. Can anyone ever know what truly goes on in the mind of a beagle?!! And Miss Sophie be stylin' in her scarf!

Now THAT's a DOG BED!!

I sure have missed the blogs. Owen would be a real help on laundry day when all the beds need to be changed. Can you teach him to put the sheets into the hamper? That is a beautiful shot of him sitting on the sheets. I also love Sophie's scarf but she will have to learn to put more "authority" into her growl to keep a determined beagle off the bed!

The groans from the bedding and accommodations manager can be heard even way down here in Florida (heeheehee)Dogs, Gotta love 'em.

Welcome back! It was a long week without the blog so it's great to have you back. The photos of Owen are very funny and the best way to start the week. Very happy you were able to win $1000 for the animals

Too Funny!! Timmy does the same thing!! Has to move the blanket around..turn three times and then blops down with a hugh sigh.

This is too cute. I live in Nova Scotia and follow the blog. I voted for you everyday and am very glad that you won. Love the blind dog stories. I am a shelter volunteer and 3 dogs own me.

Oh Owen, what a goof you are! Alayne, congrats on the great camera sleuth documentation! It would be difficult to believe without actually seeing those pics. Too funny.
Warm hugs all around,
ginger & Tlingit

ha! i love it. thanks for the laugh.

Love the pictures. Our animals love to help anyway they can don't they. Thanks for sharing.

How funny! He could come in very handy on wash day! No having to strip the sheets! LOL!

Great pics. Made me smile. Congratulations on the $1000. Glad your back to blogging

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