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March 15, 2012


Steve and Alayne, just read your story, visited Myths About Disabled Animals,Blind horses and only wanted to say that what you do is really impressive and deserves every support!

The last couple of pictures have been great. So funny and cute. We will all miss your blog but you deserve some time off. Enjoy your traveling time.

Safe journeys to all. Blind Billy will have you folks trained in Billy-speak in no time!

Bless Blind Billy. I'm glad you pointed out the cone. It's good the stitches are out and the cone is off. Have you had the heart worm retested?

I'll sure miss the blogs next week but be safe in your travels.

Safe travels!

Oh my gosh, that picture of Billy and the boots is precious! I wonder if the rubber of the cone and the rubber of the boots has a similar smell and that's what attracted him to that area. Like you said..who knows?

I hope you have a wonderful time traveling and with your family!

Perhaps the cone helped him to channel the interesting smells. Imagine the dreams! Glad he came through the surgery so well.

Have a wonderful visit with your family, Steve. You deserve some R & R time. Enjoy it to the fullest.
All the best,
ginger & Tlingit

Bailey was just "fitting in"...

Hooray for the great outcome from surgery!

This may be on of the Great Mysteries of life. Thanks for sharing.

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