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March 04, 2012


I am grateful for this good news after all the heartbreak you all have gone through lately good news is great. I have a cat who has hypertrophic cardio myopathy and have been fortunate enough to have seen him survive for nine yearswhich I know is great.. so I know some of the issues you deal with but on a much greater scale lol

So glad to hear. We have an eyeless dog that has a heart problem, but he is one of the first reasons I smile every morning! You guys make me smile too. I know you put your heart out there by taking in animals that might be in your life briefly, but the extreme joy that disabled pets can bring, even for a worth time is worth the effort! I was excited to hear you are now in NH, (saw you on Jack Hanna). I grew up in Burlington (live in Essex) and was happy to hear we have good enough facilities that you travel here for care!

Great News! Thank you Dr. Donovan! Yes, the boys sound like Flirts! Alyne and Steve, keep up the great work ..... You truly bless the lives of many!

Very good news!

OMG! My heart stopped when I first started reading your post ... but THANK GOODNESS there was a positive ending. Wouldn't it be awesome if Billy was heartworm negative?! So glad he's doing well and is out of all that pain!

Good news, Steve! And "welcome" to Dr Donovan! She sounds like a gem, as Wilbur and Billy will attest!

Glad Billy is perking up and doesn't have heartworm after all. The fact that they love their vet is a definite bonus!

Good thing animals don't play soccer! (and by that I mean, you spend enough time hauling them around to the vet, that if they were like children who played sports, time would become the enemy!!) Hope your weather starts warming up soon!



Wonderful news. phew!
Love the Beagle spunk and gorgeous heart. Your kindness will be repaid exponentially. :)

Steve, you got the pups taken care of in record time, in spite of your very understandable worry about Billy's condition being similar to poor little Avery's. So you missed one cute photo-op. You're hardly a dud since you've provided us with thousands of smiles over the years. We can forgive you this one lapse, honest!

Glad for the good news!

Hooray, hooray for little Billy and Wilbur! -can't wait to see more pictures of these little nuggets.

What fantastic news! I have been worried sick about Billy knowing that he was going to have to go thru heart worm treatment. I didn't want a repeat of our Avery so I'm just over the moon with the news that it doesn't look like there are any worms!!! :) :) :) Let's all join arms and do a happy dance! (Sounds like the 2 boys are becoming little flirts!)

B-man and the Wilbster rule! Great news to start the week.

phew! We like happy hearts!! I am SO glad you live so close to such good veterinary services, especially vets who the patients really snuggle up to! I am glad Billy is out of the eye pain.

Three cheers for Billy, Wilbur, and Dr. Donovan!!:-)

Thank you, Steve, for being such an attentive "Dad".

So happy to hear the good news for Billy and Wilbur! Looking forward to the updates!

Thank goodness! When I started reading the blog I got so nervous. I am so happy both dogs are o.k. This is a great way to start the week. You really have some wonderful specialists for the dogs. I am amazed at all they do to help.

Billy's new life has begun. He already feels better and knows he is among friends. And little Wilbur knows things are going his way too. Stories like this are what you are all about. They all have endings but it is the life and love you give them that counts for the little furry guys and gals.

I was holding my breath until the report from Dr. Donovan and then laughed out loud with happiness.

Billy has a gorgeous heart and Wilbur has great-looking organs.

What a wonderful way to start the week.

Good news!

Super news to end the week on! Thanks, Steve and Alayne.

Hooray for the good news on Billy and Wilur...
Great job, everyone!!!

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