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March 01, 2012


Billy wants to be in tip top shape so he can play his role in the beagle takeover of RDF. The little guy will be so happy to be feeling good for the first time in a long time.

It's amazing how a dog's "attitude" changes after the enucleation is over and the pain is gone! 2 of my dogs have gone through it (one for glaucoma, one for something with a ridiculously long name) and you could just see the relief. And neither of them had suffered as long as poor Billy. I'm so glad he found his way to you guys!


Makes me cry for all the pain you went through and now crying for joy that you will be pain-free.

What a sweet, brave boy you are!

Whoo hoo for Billy! And double whoo hoo for RDF! Hope the Wilbster is doing well, too. I remember a happy beagle as being a quite "busy" beagle...just sayin'!

Get well wishes to Billy--he was so fortunate to be rescued and then to come to RDF! Thanks to you, Steve, for educating by blogging. When our blind rescue poodle was in terrible pain due to new problems with his eyes, the emergency vet was surprised--and relieved--when I asked for enucleation. Thanks to RDF, I knew that it was the right choice. Our guy is pain free and happy as ever!

Hooray....pain free and greatly loved!!! It doesn't get any better than that.

Once again - THANK YOU!!

A pain-free Billy makes all of us very happy, too!:-)

Alayne & Steve: you're truly angels!

Please give sweet Billy a huge hug for me when you pick him up at the vet clinic.

I'm sure if Billy could talk, he'd be saying "Thank you, thank you, I feel no more pain!" I'm so glad he's pain free now and will be able to just enjoy himself with all his friends at RDF.

Yeah Billy---start of a wonderful new life!!!!!! THANK YOU RDF!!!!!!

I wonder what the average number of eyes per dog at RDF is. When I took in disabled animals, I would sometimes amuse myself by finding the numerical average number of eyes, legs, etc. The answers always contained fractions. Nutty? Well, I guess so.

We went through the exact same thing with our beagle a couple years ago and he is so much happier without the eye pain. Best of luck to Billy!

I'm sure it will be an adjustment but I'm confident he will be so much happier. Bless his heart. I admire you all for what you do.

What a relief it will be for dear little Billy to be pain free! I can't imagine that amount of pain for such a long time. It has always amazed me how animals persevere through pain and agony! And still remain sweet and kind. Thank you for giving these animals a second chance at life.

Yay for Billy! Thank you for helping him live pain-free! He deserves the best!

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