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February 10, 2012


If Duke sought out a favor from Godmother Widget believe she could make the turkeys an offer they couldn't refuse to leave the area. All she would ask is that Duke remember that someday, perhaps she may need a favor from him.

The 3 Amigos have realized that they will find some great things hanging out at corn, great areas for running around and a rooster to annoy!

Thanks for the great pictures to start off the weekend.

Smart birds ... well, the turkeys anyways ... jury's still out on Duke.

Who said birds aren't too smart?! These three know a good deal when they see one. I still get a little thrill whenever I see wild ones in our yard.

Duke, the "John Wayne" of the Chicken House, which by the way looks really nice. I wouldn't expect any less from you all. There was an interesting PBS special about a man's year raising wild turkeys. One of the Toms eventually attacked him so be careful! He really got bloodied! (The human.) Duke the Rooster! I love it!

Even the wild things know where to go for a good AnneAndrew back in MT. 'Ole, to the 3 Amigos.

That's great! We have them here in Mississippi - we have groups that come around all the time. We had one just drop dead in the yard. We were watching from the window when it happened. My dad said that was not uncommon for them to drop dead like that. We were sad to see that happen but we love to watch them walk thru our property.

Poor Duke but A+ for effort. Very cool.

so funny! That's a great way to start a fridy - thanks Steve!

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