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February 19, 2012


Big smile. They are all so darling! And must admit, I still have a crush on that Travis. Have a wonderful day all!

One thing dogs can't abide is any deviance from the schedule - especially when it involves feeding time. Good thing you have Widget to alert you to when you have slipped up. :)

Too funny! Widget definitely has you trained...LOL!

Oh Widget, I just adore you. I have been anxiously awaiting a Widget story.

Overhead speaker: "Clean up, Travis' crate, Isle 4"
"I'm on it, not to worry" replies crew leader Widget.
Problem solved for another day.

Love it!

Thank goodness Widget is there to keep you two sorted out! :)

*Good Monday Morning* from southern Manitoba to ALL the little sweethearts happily residing 'down on the farm' xoxox Valerie

Ah, Widget, what a character you are! It's nice to know that you still have control over your minions :)

If only humans were so easy
to please!


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