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February 26, 2012


I was just told about you guys , What wonderful caring people you are . Can I say a big thank you for giving Avery happiness until he crossed the rainbow bridge . I had tears reading about this dogs life but so glad he found you guys till the end . Thank you Pat from Australia

Avery deserved...RDF, a true home filled with love, good nutrition and space to play. His years of pain turned around, for 10 months...10 long, wonderful months, to remember. Thank you for sharing Avery with all of "us" and I'm so happy he made the newsletter cover but more importantly, I'm so happy he made his way to you guys. I send my deepest sympathy for your loss of Avery. Much love....

RIP darling little Avery - I am so glad you finally got so much love.

You guys gave him such a wonderful home and such love in his final days. He'll be waiting for you, happy and whole on the other side.

Sorry to hear about Avery's passing - our animals are our babies and it hurts when we love one!! You know he is in heaven and it healthy now!!

I am sending you all warm hugs with condolences. He was a very lucky guy for the time he was @ the Rolling Dog Farm. Thank you so very much for making his last months the best for him.
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I'm crying with you, and for you. Alayne, I know you were especially close to the little guy and I'm so sorry that his sweet life ended so soon after you got him. Oh, we are just so glad he got to know real love and tender care with you. God bless and comfort you all.

Dear Steve and Alayne,
So. so sorry to hear about Avery's passing over the Rainbow
Bridge. He had a wonderful 10 months with you. You loved him so deeply.You will see him again.
Shirley and all the animals
Four Winds Farm Sanctuary

I just read about the passing of Avery. I am just in tears!
I take comfort that he spent his last months in a loving home. The two of you have been through this kind of things many times, but I am sure it is never easy. God bless both of you!
Bruce Korusek
Richmond, Virginia

i am sorry to hear of avrey's passing. nothing can really stop the pain of loss, but the sweet memories of his life will be with you forever. thank you for taking such good care of this baby.

I am so sorry Avery left so soon. Yet you gave him a wonderful gift: the freedom to be happy and safe. What a precious gift that is. Thank you for all you are, and as always: remember to be kind to yourself too. Hugs & love.

So so sad to hear of your loss of dear sweet Avery! I know your hearts are painfully broken right now, but I hope you can cherish the love he brought into your lives, & even more so, the love you bestowed upon this beautiful creature of God's.

All of our hearts ache for Avery and all he went through in his life.Caring people can not even imagine how someone could be so cruel to a sweet animal.It is indeed a blessing that the last months of his life was with the two of you, so the last he knew was comfort and love. Even when he died he was with Alyne, so he left being loved. I know I cried when I read the blog, so I can imagine how you two must feel. Again, thank you for what you do for all the animals in your care. I am so sorry for your loss.

Dear Alayne and Steve--I'm so sorry about your loss of Avery--You two are so wonderful with the love you give to God's furry creatures--Bless you ! Nancy and Ladybug in SC

I am so thankful there are people like you who give unconditional love. His life with you may not have been long but he died knowing how much he was loved. A lucky little dog.

Avery is one reason I vote everyday. So you can hopefully win more money to help make it possible to help more of the little Avery's and Billy's etc of this world. Not everyone is a good owner to their animals. I am glad you are here as a small safety net for some of the animals that need assistance. Thanks.

There has to be a special place in Hell for Avery's former owner. Like you, I wish he had more time to know what love and kindness are about. Yet once again I hear myself saying how sorry I am for your loss.

I'm so sorry. It's really heartbreaking that he didn't get more time to enjoy his new life. But at least you can be comforted by the knowledge that his last months were the best that you could make them, and at at the end he was surrounded by love and kindness.You made such a difference in his life, and I'm sure he appreciated every minute.

I am so sorry for your lossrip Avery

I am so sorry for your loss. I know from our adopted dogs when each of them act in a special silly way with each of us that we made a strong and special bond with them. The connection is there. And you guys clearly make that difference with all the animals entrusted to you. There time sense is different. Their with you for their life time. And their lives with you are as good as a pets life can be! Feel better knowing that.

Oh, how sad! I was so hoping Avery could have years, not just short months with you. At least he died knowing that there are kind, loving people in this world and that he was not "all bad". You must have spent many hours working for and with this beautiful, abused dog. Thank you for gently determining his needs and acting on them. It is so difficult for caretakers and family (of which you were both), particularly in these extra sad situations. You have my deepest sympathy.

Steve and Alayne, this one hurts even a simple blog reader at such a basic level that I can't imagine how hard it has hit you who cared for him so dearly. My sincere sympathies. He knew joy through you - we all just wish it was longer.

You should know that because of your work and the awareness of the needs of unwanted animals that you've raised in me - I adopted a rescue dog with medical needs from a shelter last year. I had previously only ever considered a dog from a breeder. My little Heidi is one more unwanted little dog receiving the medical care and the love she deserved - because of the work you do. So, indirectly, she is another RDF success story!

So sorry to hear about Avery. His time with you was short, but he definitely was loved and made comfortable.

Hugs to you all.

I'm so sorry for the loss of little Avery, he looks so sweet in that picture. You guys are both so strong it is truly inspiring, Bless you!

Very sorry and sad for you. Even tho it was only 5 days, he had love and care for the first time. God Bless

Dogs live in the moment. You made his ten months all moments of love and safety. You are wonderful, giving, unselfish people. If dogs are man's best friend, you, Steve and Alayne, are dogs' best friends.

Hugs to you in this sad time.


Such sad, sad news - my heart goes out to both of you. May it give your hearts some comfort to know Avery knew he was cherished by you. Rest in peace, little one.

Such a two sided sword, this work you do. The joy of giving such TLC to such gracious, forgiving creatures, and seeing them respond with health and happiness is your reward. But you have to face grief so many times a year, and this is really your special gift to the animal world, your willingness to go through it with them.

I cry with you each time you loose one. Sweet little Avery was finally blessed with a peaceful exit from this world to the next. Blessing to you both for the willingness to provide such love, even tho it is coupled with such grief for you both.

I'm so sorry. Avery had so much love in the last months of his that's what he'll know as he moves on. That he was loved, loved, loved.

I'm so very sorry Steve and Alayne! Rereading Avery's story, it's crystal clear that your love and patience to teach Avery that he indeed could be happy, after his terrible times before your care, were the most priceless gift one could give him. I only wish he could give you more waggles and smiles. You were what he desperately needed. His heart has touched us all. Thank you for your kindness and loving care.

Sorry for your loss of sweet Avery. How wonderful that he was at home with Alayne when he left. Even more wonderful was the last 10 months of his life in a home where people loved him and gave him a good life.

Thanks for what you all do.

I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Avery.

We never have them long enough. Thankfully Avery knew love in his lifetime. So very sorry for your loss.

RIP - He died knowing what love was really all about! That's all that matters!!

I am so sorry. Rest in peace, sweet Avery.

My heart goes out to you both for all of the pain you must go through every time you lose one of your precious animals. Thank you for all you did for Avery. You gave him a chance to know love before he left this earth.

You are both angels for doing what you do for animals. It has to be so hard when you lose them. How wonderful it was for Avery to know he had a loving family the last months of his life, RIP sweet furbaby!

Run free sweet Avery. You were dearly loved by Steve and Alayne and so many of us too.

You blessed us all with your presence and many hearts are breaking now over your passing.

OH NO....tears are just streaming down my face right heart just breaks for you all...Avery was so blessed to be so loved by you...and you were so blessed to have been loved by him....God Rest you sweetest Avery....much love, Valerie xo

Please find comfort in the thought that Avery's last emotion was feeling total love and safety in the arms of his very favorite person.

Though so very sad sweet Avery is no longer here, I am comforted knowing he had an exceptional 10 months of unconditional love with you and Alayne. My heart is with you both.

I'm so glad that he had the time with you that he did, and finally go to know human love. I have a cocker girl who's story is very similar to Avery's- she was so scared and would pee if we tried to pick her up. It was months before she would even make eye contact with us, and even longer before she would wag her tail and play.

She's a much happier girl now, much like Avery was with you. I'm so grateful for all that you do for these wonderful dogs (and cats and horses!)

RIP, sweet Avery. They were the best 10 months of your life. And you got to relax and be a real dog and enjoy love and acceptance with Steve and Alayne and all your brother and sister dogs. Kisses on your little face.

Poor little boy :( I'm so thankful he lingered long enough for you to be with him in his last few moments...

I am very sorry to learn that Avery has gone. His break did indeed come late, but not too late for him. He discovered that he hadn't forgotten how to be happy and you went into his world to help him along that path, sometimes by just leaving him in others by doing what he showed you he needed to have done. Thank you and thanks to him for teaching us how to live.

So sorry to hear about Avery and so sorry for both you and Alayne losing him so suddenly. His life with you released him from all that had gone before. He died a happy, more confident dog knowing that he was safe, protected and loved.

His enlarged heart was at least filled full of love for his last months. Thank you for doing that for him and for all that you do.

Alayne and Steve, my heart is breaking for sweet Avery and for you. I believe with all my heart that all dogs go to Heaven, and that Avery is there now, running and playing, with a healthy body, eyes that see, and no fears. I pray for your comfort as you grieve this special little guy. Sending hugs & love from Texas.

Rest in peace Avery. So sorry for your loss. You gave him a wonderful home and did everything possible for him.

I am so sorry to hear about Avery. As I sit here with tears running down my face.I just want to say Thank you Steve and Alayne for what you do. You are both so special.

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