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February 12, 2012


Goldie does have the most amazing nose. She seems to know where to always find the good treats. She know what is good. Our Lab is 12 years old and could not be able to walk on those hardwood floors. It is great to see Goldie still can.

Good girl!

I am amazed that Goldie can navigate those beautiful hardwood floors. My 14 year old Libby has to have rugs everywhere so her feet don't slide out from under her. You Go Goldie!!!

Blonde, beautiful and smart!
Daffy is entertainment.

Aw, Goldie is such a sweetheart! She knows what she wants and she's going to get those treats...she just follows her nose :)

Goldie, never give up. Keep those treats coming. Truly, she is doing great for 15. As you know, their sense of smell is everything.

That is so sweet... good for you, Goldie!

Score for Goldie! It's good to know that the nose never gets old.

Good for Sweet Goldie! I hope she got the treats out of the pocket and pigged out, so to speak!

Voting every day, home and work!

Her nose knows, weather it is a box of squeekie toys or a pocketful of 'forgotten' dog treats. Please pass a hug on to sweet little Goldie, one of my absolute favorites. Nice to see her again.

Sweet two rescues, while polar opposites in temperment, have one thing in common: their incredible sense of smell! I bet Alayne leaves those cookies in her pockets on purpose sometimes.

Animals never cease to amaze (and amuse) me.

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