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February 15, 2012


In my next life I want to come back as one of these adorable dogs. What a great life. How sweet they look all curled up together.

I think that translates as, "Welcome to our home!" That's a delightful pic! Thanks so much Shelby! I wish all of you many happy years together.
Warm hugs,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

What a great photo. What could be better than happy, sleeping little dogs. Thanks for sharing this with us Shelby. We hope you're as happy to have them as we all are knowing they have a wonderful loving home to call their own. Please send more! And congratulations Steve and Alayne on receiving the weekly prize in the shelter challenge.

What an adorable picture. Such a rough life lol!

Definitely a cute alert!!!

This is a great picture! Love those little guys.

It may have taken awhile for them to get a forever home but it was well worth the wait! Shelby your a great person!!!

Very sweet :-) Thanks for sharing. Looks like a win-win for all: Manny,Katie, Spencer, and Shelby!

What a wonderful new chapter in their lives.

So Awesome!! Glad they can all keep each other company.

The picture of the two of them is so sweet, I can almost feel the comfort and love they share. Awesome........

That looks (vaguely) like a little heart-shaped spot on Katie's back - - how sweet!
Manny must be delighted to have two new "pillows" as I'm sure K & S are pleased to have a new "pillow" to share. What a cute dogpile they all must make!

This photo TRULY MADE MY DAY!!!! Thank you Shelby for adopting this wonderful pair and giving Manny a new brother and sister!!

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