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February 23, 2012


What a handsome boy! Billy, you will have a great time there at the farm! Welcome!

What a beautiful twosome - welcome little Billy - can't wait to hear more about your new life at RDF!

Welcome to RDF Billy, you are a very handsome boy! You will have a wonderful life, get taken such good care of and have everything you'll ever need, especially at lot of love!

I know Billy will be feeling so much better very soon!

Welcome Billy, you have survived the first 47 pictures with Kate. Can't wait to hear about more of your adventures.

Ok, something needs to be done about that dachshund to beagle ratio...ha, ha...

You be sure and slip him a little corn bread ever now then. And sending lots of love from S.C.!

What is PRA?

Welcome home, Billy!

I look forward to reading that you're heartworm negative and no longer in pain because of your eyes.

God bless you, Alayne, Steve & Morgan, for saving this adorable little boy!

P.S.: Kate has a very sweet smile.:-)

What a sweet boy! He's got a lot ahead of him, but I'm sure he'll do just fine.

But honestly... 47 photos?


Welcome Billy. Just think of how good he's going to feel when he gets all his ailments taken care of. Poor guy. I don't understand how people can just put their pets out once they no longer want them. Something tells me they'll get theirs someday. Will be waiting to see a photo of Billy standing so we can get a better idea of how he looks. Welcome home Billy!

What a handsome boy. He is so lucky to have a new home with you and all his new friends. And, yes, I vote every day for Rolling Dog !

Yeah, Billie...welcome home, our little Mister! So glad you are getting some help and real love.

Kate, you are pretty terrific, also!

I met the transport at Morgan's house to send Billy up to you, and I have to admit I almost didn't let him go. Before TLC transport got to the house, Billy and I were cuddled up reading. He's such an awesome dog and loves, loves, loves his people (and his food ... but what beagles doesn't). Thank you yet again to Steve and Alayne for helping our Southern beagles! I think ABR South should take a road trip to visit the Northern extension of our rescue! ; )

What a sweetie! Sounds like he's had a hard life so far, but he's in the best of hands now. Now you need to find a few more dachshunds to balance things out a little. :)

'Welcome dear Billy' ~ what a great mom and dad you have now many fun playmates!

Sending hugs and kisses to Billy. Once the B-ster is feeling good again, I think there may be some more photo ops with very entertaining stories from the RDF family.

You had better start buttering up Widget. She plans to become Beagle Overlord of RDF. He plans are on track. I can see her rubbing her paws in anticipation from here.

Welcome Billy! Gosh, as frisky as you already seem to be ... just wait 'till you're really feeling better!!!

Welcome, Billy, and Miss on you, Pister, for denying your Beagle "son"! Billy you'll be well loved by all of us but the heavy work will be handled by Kate, Alayne, and Steve. I love "the I'm so bored with my close-ups" yawn! Go Billy!

Welcome Billy!! Steve since when did Widget become a beagle again! She is the official mascott of Rolling Ranch...second ot Dexter


So wonderful when RDF adopts out there is room for another disabled animal to be saved and Billy certainly needed saving!!! Thank you all involved especially RDF!!!!

What a cutie pie. He is a lucky guy to have RDF as his new home.

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