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February 21, 2012


Oops. I just noticed in my previous post about Jack's heart disease that I said Metacam was the fish oil we used. Metacam, of course, is NOT fish oil! Jack was on a lot of stuff as you can imagine and my memory played tricks. It was Welactin that had the right balance of oils, and the best was that it didn't stink and he loved it!

Hope Avery is doing well. We're thinking of him.

Poor Avery, what a hard time he's having. At least peeing and screaming are better than biting! Hope he feels better soon.

LOADS of *positive* thoughts sent down to Avery from my family here in southern you dear one......xoxox

As sorry as I am to hear that Avery is facing more struggles with his health, my second response was gratitute that with both of you as his guardians, his outcome is already so much better. He is having the best of available treatments and he is loved. (What would his outcome have been had he stayed where he was--not what he has now!) Best wishes to Avery from the three poodles at my house--hope his meds make him feel better fast.

My Buffy had heart disease, too. She was cared for at Massachusetts Vet Referral in Woburn, MA. Dr MacGregor I believe was one of the cardiologists there. We saw Dr Hatton but I know at one point Dr. MacGregor was consulted. This is an excellant group. Avery is in good hands. Hope all goes well for the little guy!

I am so sorry Avery has more problems to deal with. He is so lucky though to receive such great medical care and love from you two!

Thanks for all the TLC and medical help you provide for these guys. What a blessing.

We see with all your interesting posts that the farm has many, many aspects of day-to-day operations, and we know that caring for these extra-special-needy dogs takes a lot, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Truly, it shows how EXTRA SPECIAL you, Alayne and your helpers are! God bless you guys.

It ain't right! It just ain't right!

Before my Jack ended up with lymphoma, he had an enlarged heart and hypertension (and other things) much the same as Avery's. Thankfully we never needed Lasix (our cardiologist wanted to keep him off it as long as possible), but he was on other meds plus CoQ10 and fish oil (we found Metacam had the right combo of stuff). He did very well and was even able to handle the chemo for lymphoma! His heart continued to decline but held up well for about 3 years until he passed away from lymphoma (his heart condition wasn't far behind) at the ripe age of around 14.

So, I hope Avery has the same success and continues to live a full and happy life just as Jack did. Cheers to you, sweet Avery! We'll be thinking of you.

Sorry to hear about Avery. Hopefully the meds will help. Poor boy has been through enough as it is!! I think he did ok at the cardiologist's office because you were in the room with him!! Shows how far he has come.

Avery, just rest up sweet boy!

You are being well taken care of. And your fan club is sending you lots of prayers and love.

I am so sorry for Avery, and afraid for him. He's had so much happen to him we all want him to have no more problems. He's in my thoughts an prayers as he goes through his treatment. Give him extra hugs and kisses from all your readers of the blog

I am sorry to hear Avery has more problems to deal with. What a sweetheart he is. Praying for better health for this wonderful trooper!
As always, thank you for all you do...

I'm so sorry to hear about Avery's heart condition getting worse!:-(

I do hope the new therapy will make him feel much better soon.

Please keep us posted, Steve.

Once again, thank you SO much for taking such great care of all your furkids.

Oh, sweet Avery...I will be sending positive thoughts and prayers that his heart condition can be regulated and taken care of as well as possible with the meds that he is now on and that he can continue enjoying the wonderful life that he has at RDR!

Hi Steve,
I was reading the link you put up about Avery's fear of leaving the crate in the AM and how he's only comfortable being picked up when another dog is with him. I'm wondering if he'd leave his crate sooner if he had another dog, maybe sleeping with him. You know, a crate/pee buddy! LOL


I sure hope little Avery will be ok. He has certainly been through a lot, and I've loved watching his progress. I am not the praying type, but will send one through for him. :-)

We love you Avery----stay well. Vote everyday in the Shelter Challenge for RDF!!!

Another obstacle for Avery.
All my love and hugs to him.

Oh sweet Avery....I hope those meds work for you and make you all better. It's so difficult when they can't tell us what hurts. Steve, you guys are the absolute best at caring for all of your charges. Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

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