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February 02, 2012


Both my little guys burrow, of course (one is part dachshund) but the minipin is the one who gets stuck in the nesting ball bed, and then carries it around with him like a shell. The dachshund-chi rolls his eyes and tells him he is uncouth.

Bob's mustache photo definitely needs to be sent to AMI. They only had one other animal photo (a cat)-- clearly a gross underrepresentation of mustaches on four legs.

Maybe when poor Bill gets a little older, his mustache will bloom :)

This post made my day. Thanks for appreciating the funny little details of animals. You guys are the best!

Oh, how I love the horses! All of 'em ... the working ones and the RDF residents. (Not that the workers aren't residents, too!)
Thanks for keeping us updated all of them.

what a stately mustache! i had no idea draft horses had such facial hair. nice job bob!

Bob does have a beautiful mustache! I would too if I wasn't so diligent about waxing! :) I didn't know horses could have mustaches but I bet it helps him get noticed by the girls, if they weren't blind. It really doesn't help him on your farm!


I have enjoyed your blog for quite a while. I especially enjoyed this blog post - made me smile and smile and smile. The picture reaching for the hay - wonderful. Thank you for taking care of these wonderful animals.

Oh! How! Funny!!! BillyBob sport'n 'staches! How very debonair. Way to be up on what stylish horses are wearing these days.

These pictures brought a big smile to my face. If those mustaches aren't the cutest things I don't know what is!

I wonder if the American Mustache Institute would accept Bob's mustache as part of their site lol!

Glad to hear that Wilbur's eyes seem to be ok right now and looking forward to hearing what the opthmologist has to say.

GREAT pictures--thanks for the update on Wilbur--such a cutie-pie.

What amazing horses...
I would say you need a ladder to get up on one???
I know...they are really not there to be ridden. But, wow!

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