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February 17, 2012


What a wonderful update! So glad Manny now has such good buddies & all of them are in a loving home.

Love you guys! It's good to know people like you are doing what you do....and for the animals you do it for.

This is one of the sweetest photos I've ever seen!!

It's simply great to see how relaxed and content Katie & Spencer are in their forever home with Shelby & Manny.:-)

Thank you so much for sharing this adorable picture with all of us!

Love it! So happy Spencer and Katie have such a wonderful and loving home!

LOVE....LOVE the blog comments!!!!! I ditto each and every one!

It's a Mannywhich!

This is why you "let sleeping dogs lie". It's so relaxing to watch. They are not only adorable, they are beautiful as well.

Yet another cuteness alert!!!

Congratulations on the weekly win! I am so happy for you and the animals. I know you can always use the extra money for so many things. Great way to start my weekend reading your posting on the blog

OMG! How cute is that! We all know from the blogs just how cute and sweet Katie and Spencer are, BUT Mr. Manny also looks like an absolute sweetheart as well. I could just squeeze them all :) (Except for the fact that my Chichuhua would NEVER allow that to happen)!!! So I am sending vitual hugs and kisses!

Thanks for sharing them with us Shelby and kudos to you for giving three disabled dogs a wonderful home!

Do you ever get updates on that lovebug Herbie??? Love the updates on the adopted animals :)

Now there's a dog pile...a very comfortable one at that! What a great picture that brought a much needed smile to my face. Thanks, Shelby, for bringing Spencer and Katie into your and Manny's lives!

Awe...a Manny sandwich! Manny has obviously needed these two in his life. This is really heartwarming to see....thanks Shelby.

Yay! Spencer and Katie together again. Sure, there's a Pug in the middle, but Manny looks quite content to be snuggled by a couple of Dachsunds. Who wouldn't? Thank you, Shelby, for adopting the whole group. They do look "settled in."

It just can't get better than this photo. Love to all those little guys and kudos to their new family.

That's a beautiful sight! I'd say the settling-in process is complete.

What a sandwich you have there Manny!

Thank you Shelby for obliging us with this picture and update. My heart is completely reassured now.

Love to you all!

Happy Sleeping to 3 little darlings! - I know they are having good dreams.

That is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. How lovely for Manny to have good friends who can totally relate to him. I'm so glad everyone found each other!

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