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February 05, 2012


Love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing and loving these amazing companions.

So adorable!

Now I know why Wilbur is fast becoming such a favorite...he's just a little pistol and too cute for words! He and Widget would make a good lunch and dinner begging team :)


Reminds me of an old song by Simon and Garfunkle: '...still a dachshund hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest...'! Oh, wait, that was about boxers, not dachshunds........

Well, I'm thinking that Wilbur knows at least that there are no free lunches after all that blanket work he did. I think he deserves an extra treat with his lunch or some doggie dessert!

Very neat way to start the week, a picture essay of my favorite little cutie pie, the Wilbster!

Good Morning to you folks and especially sweet little Wilbur!! Gosh...just TOO funny...that dear little soul...your commentary is (as always) stellar! Cheers, Valerie

hahahaha, very funny pictures but good that you rescued him in the end, 'lunch' wouldn't have done it when somebody's really stuck ;-).

my pincher/something mutt crawled into a sweater once, and later tried to get out via the sleeve, he looked like the periscope from a submarine... looking around to see WHAT went wrong and why is it dark all of a sudden??

Always entertaining, never a dull moment at the Farm! Thanks for the laughs......he's such a little cutie.

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