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January 23, 2012


I really think you are the best of the best. I want to help you but I can't give much money. I am disabled and use a Service dog, Manish. Please, tell me how I can help. I can send $5.oo! Is this ok with you? Thenk you very much.Anaperla Aureoles and Manish!

Love you guys and the work you do

My goodness, he is a tiny little tyke! Cant wait for him to bloom once he is feeling better, has his mouth taken care of and is able to relax and enjoy his clean healthy new life. Thank you Steve and Alayne for taking in this teeny little soul.

So cute and loving Wilbur. Great to see he is getting proper treatment.

He is SOoooo little! But clearly full of love and personality. Hugs to everyone helping Wilbur. Good things to come :)

Wilbur is sure a cutie. Will be sending good thoughts and prayers for his surgery this week. I know everything will turn out fine!

Hope you had a good visit with your family, Steve. Welcome back!

Such a SWEETIE!!!! Look forward to hearingthe updates on this little one!

Awww - it's good to see little Wilbur again. We wish him well in his surgery for his teeth - and in checking out those eyes.

You know the more I looked at his picture while you were gone the more I thought "he looks like a Wilber"!. He sure is a tiny little guy.

Adorable is right! - hope whatever the problem is that it can be remedied without too much trouble. Good luck, teeny Wilbur.

Wilbur - we are holding you in our hearts that the surgery will go well this week and that soon you will be feeling so much better.

Great to hear that the heartworm test was negative.

Hugs to sweet little Wilbur. My heart melts each time I see his picture. I hope his dental goes well. I had a cat who had to have all but one front tooth extracted and I thought he might be hungry all the time. As you have probably discovered these little creatures are quite adaptable and manage to thrive despite any of our reservations. And, please,an extra hug to the Dex Man so he doesn't get his feelings hurt! VBG

Wilbur is such a troooper! Good to have you back Steve, and the blog!

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