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January 31, 2012


Awwwww....he seems quite content in his new home.

Love seeing all these munchkins on their pretty blankets. You go, little Wilbur!!

I'm so glad cute little Wilbur is feeling better and coming out of his shell. Soon he'll be walking around, making friends with all the others and sharing beds with everyone!

And of course, Dexter and Avery are as cute as always!

Those ears!! How cute. Now that he is clean, has a better feeling mouth and friends, I cant wait to watch Wilbur bloom for you. So glad you took this funny little cutie in.

What a bunch of cuties! Wilbur will be quite content there with all of you...thanks for giving him a new life!

I like Avery's sweet smile.

Welcome Home!

That Dexter is so dang cute! And if didn't live all the way out in Idaho, I'd come get that little Wilbur. What a sweetie!

With or without the beauty mark, Avery has the most beautiful smile.... I'd love to cuddle up next to him too!

Glad to hear that Wilbur is doing well. He's just the ctest little guy. Any update on his eye issues? When will he be going to the doctor for that checkup?

They look quite comfy!

Dexter is looking a bit peeved that the "cute" factor may be going up in the house (notice the set of his ears). Glad to see that Wilbur is feeling better. A mouth full of yucky teeth has to hurt. Any news yet on his eye?

Avery looks like an angel. Good work all around! :)

The Dexman and the Wilbster in one photo? A double dose of my favorite little guys-so appropriate for the first day of February!

Great to hear update on Wilbur. He does look like he is settling in with the gang. I love Avery and he looks so content and secure in his new life. All my best to everyone.

So glad to see Wilbur feeling better...time for some fun!

He is just adorable....glad to hear he is out and about gaining confidence and making NEW friends! I just want to squeeze him :) Welcome to paradise little Wilbur!!! are really something! It is wonderful to see you settling in and looking so relaxed. And making friends. Maybe you should have your own blog about your experiences meeting each of the dogs.

P R E C I O U S!!!!!

Look at sweet Avery! He looks so much more peaceful than he did in Atlanta. Thank you for taking such good care of all of the animals! We love you guys!

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