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January 15, 2012


I was one of the lucky to get to transport Wilbur. Thank you so much for helping him when noone else could. He is a little snorter.

Sweet little guy. I imagine it was painful for him to eat. He may have had a big belly bc of worms or malnutrition. He's exactly where he needs to be and it's so awesome what this place does for animals in terms of vet care.

I love you wilbur. Hang in there you are in a good place now little guy. Can't wait to see how blossom after loving care.

I've been voting every day, twice, at work and at home. It is one small way for me to try to help you keep doing what you are doing for little guys like Wilbur.

Greetings and a warm welcome to NH. I am a resident of Nottingham in the "seacoast" region of NH. I have just heard about you through the Shelter Challenge when I looked up NH to see if the rescue I work for was on the "board" yet for the state. What a great place you have. Another Tail to Tell specializes in hard to place dogs. We accept animals from other rescues that have behavioral quirks, extreme fear, or for some reason just don't seem to be drawing in any interested adopters. The nature of our rescue combined with receiving most of our "hard cases" from inner city shelters/pounds in Mass and NY means we seem to have at any time at least 5 dog aggressive pitbulls! Anyway, I hope someday to get up that way to see your place. It is truly special and you are remarkable people! This February I am headed to visit Loki Clan in Chatham, NH (White Mountain region too) who specializes in caring for wolf hybrids. If you need a field trip, I would suggest it! To contact them, just Google it!

Hoping for some good news about Wilbur. I want him to feel better.
Thank you for all you do.

Wilbur's definitely in the best place now.

So glad Wilbur has joined the RDF family! He's adorable. I hope he gets a decent report from his medical visit. Steve, safe travels for you this week, and good luck to Alayne and Kate holding down the farm.

Enjoy your time away, Steve! Looking forward to hearing more about Wilbur.

Oh how sweet he is, Glad that he found you all to take care of him. May God richly bless you all.

Oh goodness, what a sweet little guy. We are certainly glad he landed in your loving care. We look forward to more updates on him.

I hope Wilbur makes it. Bad eyes, stinking body, stinking, rotting mouth. Yep! We love him! How could he get so fat with a mouth that had to hurt like that one? Oh! Wait! Just the same way I do......Never mind! Fix him some of your scrambled eggs and he'll be fine in no time. Roo and I can't wait for more Wilbur stories. Aside to Steve, I hope all your family is fine and you just decided to "desert" the girls for a lovely vacation this next week.

I feel so sad about Wilbur's previous life, up until getting to you guys. I try to take a lesson from how resilient the animals are after such experiences. I'm thankful you are there to help them!

Good Morning....and a *very warm* welcome to sweet Wilbur, from frosty southern Manitoba! Looking forward to updates on how you are settling into your new loving warm home....Cheers, Valerie xo


Oh Wllbur, you are adorable! So glad you found your way to paradise and have settled right in.

Wishing you a good visit with your family, Steve.

So happy to see Wilbur getting some deep rest finally. We are looking forward to your updates on him. Prayers are being sent that all his medicals go smoothly.

Rest up little Wilbur. You will now get to see what the other side of life is like, the good side! The healthy cared for side of life. Steve, have a good visit with family, family connections are important ones to keep up. Travel safe.

So precious and thank God he found his way to you through some other wonderful people! Travel safely!

Welcome, Wilbur. You'll soon be out from under that blanket and exploring with the rest of your brothers and sisters. May you have many, many happy years in your new home.

Welcome, Little Wilbur. You have hit the doggie jackpot. Smiling, through happy tears as I type, that this little one has arrived home. I think the Dex Man may have a rival for my puppy crush!

God bless the poor wee guy! What a lot to deal with - so glad you have him and will help him feel a lot better with treatment and care. Thanks for all you do! Rest up, Wilbur, you'll feel happy and safe there and a lot better once the doctors see you and get you well again. Sweet baby!!

Welcome home, sweet Wilbur!!

The picture of him under his cute little blanket just melts my heart...

It's great to know he's safe and quite the opposite of neglected now and for the rest of his life!

Have a nice trip, Steve, and God bless you, Alayne, Kate & Rebecca for all you keep doing on behalf of animals in need.

Oh, he is just adorable! I know that when he gets done with all his vet treatment he will be feeling like a million bucks! Welcome to RDF, will be a cherished member of the family :)

Enjoy your time with your family, Steve!

Welcome home Wilbur, so looking forward to get to know you better.

Welcome, Wilbur. He truly is a lucky little fella to have landed at RDF!

I LOVE you all for rescuing Wilbur!!!!! His chances in a shelter were NONE!

What a sweet little guy!

My Chihuahua mix, Piglet, also got her name partly from the snorting she does. Like Wilbur, she also loves to burrow under a blanket for her naps. Hang in there little buddy! You are in good hands now.

Wilber knows he's safe and probably has a lot of sleep to catch up on. It's been a busy few days for the little guy. Before long he'll be full of pep and applying to be Widget's adjutant.

Have a safe trip, Steve!
Poor little Wilbur, he's had a bad life for a long time judging from the description you gave. I won't be surprised if he finds a new home with an RDF reader as soon as he's well.

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