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January 25, 2012


Great to hear good news on Wilbur! And what a great shot of your we have REALLY seen the Farm! Walk Safely

Your endorsements are always the best. Hope we never need the stabilicers out here in the Pacific NW... was sure wishing I had something to offer my bewildered Annie in the ice last week. Thankfully moved on to our normal rain :) Take care! I know you'll be thrilled to have Wilbur home at last.

What my husband and I found that works very well and no ones paws take the chance of being effected is Kitty Litter.

Although I live in the south now and don't have to deal with bad weather, being originally from the north, I can commiserate with what you are going through up there in N.H. I remember quite a few ice storms and the hazards that went along with them. I'm glad that you all got those cleats so that you can stay safe while outside.

So glad Wilbur came through his surgery with flying colors. Give the little guy a big hug!

Oooo...I do not envy you the ice!! I was wondering about the horses' footing on it as well, especially the blind ones and the big big ones like BillyBob. Healthy healing on those gums Wilbur, Maybe Travis will share his mushy diet with you till they are all healed up!

We've been having problems down here in Nashua! I took a fall on New Years Eve day and my fanny actually left skid marks on the asphalt! My driveway has been an ice rink most of January since it's shadowed by the garage. I think I need some of those hummers for my boots since the dogs are never, never on the correct side of the door! Keep safe!

The info about the cleats is so appreciated. Here in Washington state we too are having icy issues. Special kiss for the Wilbster as he recovers.

BE SAFE!!! Hard enough to get all the chores done on a sunny day let alone this type of weather. Thinking of you all.

Yeah Wilbur!!

That ice looks miserable. Stay sage in it. And so very glad to hear Wilbur came through his dental surgery well.

Please stay safe, dear RDF folks!

Surprisingly, we have ice issues down here in SC. We rarely get pretty snow. It's usually icy which causes falling limbs, power outages, traffic nightmares and anything else you can imagine. People make fun of us for closing schools but ice is very dangerous!

Mamma Heartbeat

When I mucked barns in the winter, wood shavings were the easiest way to deal with ice for horse and human. Why not? They're already there. They stick to the ice and provide reliable and cheap traction. Then when it all melts, you just sweep them up and into the compost pile they go.

Nice-looking boots - please hang in there - we know you guys work so very hard. Glad to hear little Wilbur is doing fine - keep us posted and STAY WARM if you can.

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