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January 27, 2012


So glad you got at least that job done b4 the really icky weather hit. Spring is coming, really. Soon. (kind of) but it will come eventually.

Oh, my...but great exercise.
Great bonus not having to split all of that wood. I remember what a chore that is!!!

It is so interesting to see how much is entailed in the day to day doings at RDF. I give all of you kudos for tackling so many jobs, many of which are difficult!

Give Wilbur a big hug from me!

I bet you and Kate (pardon the pun) slept like "logs" that night!

Is Wilbur now home and how is that poor mouth of his?

I have only recently been posting but have been a long time reader (since your Montana days). I really enjoy how with a little bit of time and research you find solutions to keep it green as possible. It can be done on a large scale as RDF proves. Kudos to Rolling Dog Farm!
PS-sneak an extra hug to the Wilbster, please......

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