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December 11, 2011


Steve,, looks like your having a very enjoyable time.

You could post photos of Billy Bob every day, and I wouldn't tire of them. I'm so looking forward to seeing the boys in the snow. They are wonderful!

Wow, Liz D. thanks for sharing those memories with us ~

They are so handsome. Next picture of the work sled with runners, could you please add some festive Christmas wreaths and lights! Thank you so much :)


Your team has brought childhood memories to my mind. The two Belgium teams of my childhood were Maude and Nell followed by Lucy and Fly....all girls, no boys. When I was pre-school age my father would place me on their back while he did barn chores. I would spread out my doll's blanket across their back and sit down and play with my doll while my father cleaned their stalls. When he finished I'd jump down in his arms and move to the next "safe haven" spot.
We also had a large hand-made flat sleigh with four runners. We would put hay bales on the sleigh to use as seats and invite the kids from neighboring farms over after chores for a winter sleigh ride. These were always best after a new snow and when the moon was full. We'd ride through the woods and fields for hours. We had a set of bronze bells that would be attached to the harness so we'd have "sleigh bells" to listen to on our ride. After the ride we'd go inside for hot chocolate and cookies. My father had a John Deere tractor in addition to the team. Depending on the ground conditions the horses could work where the tractor would just get stuck.
My mind's nose can still smell the horse/leather and my mind's ear can still hear their low whinnies and rumbling snorts.
Good luck with your Billy 'n Bob Team. In no time they will be a working extension of you.

I've really been enjoying seeing the pics of Bill and Bob. They are so handsome. I'm glad that they are properly trained, as that much muscle could do some serious damage if incorrectly handled.
Warm hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias and Tlingit

I hope you all got a good rub down after being out in that miserable rain! I wonder if "The Farm" could take in xtra money giving sleigh rides when (shudder) Winter comes???? A farm somewhere around here sells them and they make a killing. The paramount wish in my Dad's bucket list was a sleigh ride. When he came out from Illinois the last Winter he was alive, I was able to share it with him. I made some hot apple cider and took it with us. He looked like a darling little boy. It was his last Christmas present from an adoring daughter. Billy and Bob, and you too, Steve, are all magnificent and beautiful! :) :) :)

They're such beautiful boys! I've loved learning about them. Have fun!

Billy & Bob are really magnificent and beautiful horses. I just love looking at all the pictures of them. I could just picture them saying to each other that they feel like guinea pigs being tested for everything lol.

As for the snow you're talking about, I read that the Farmer's Almanac said that it's going to be another not so great winter up in the careful what you wish for! :)

WOW, this really looks like something out of the Amish country!

Any and all pictures of Billy Bob are wonderful! There is something special about a team of horses that I just love. The photos always make me smile. More please!

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