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December 13, 2011


Just like all other hurricanes, this little Hurricane Irene blew into and out of your lives but still left a lasting impression. A wonderful turn of events for all of you...except maybe the boys that were playing hard to get, now they know to play that game too well ;) Congratulations to all.

Irene is definitely a success story. I'm so glad that she has a new forever home with such a loving family. Way to go, Irene!
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

We all knew that rolling Dog Farm wouldn't be Irene's forever home when we saw here. She was way too photogenic not to have someone want to bring her home. I'm so glad she now has a wonderful new home with humans who adore her and a doggie next door to run with. And that is a nice new cut Alayne. Steve didn't mention in his blog that you had gotten your hair cut. What's next? His beard?? Ho ho ho!!

So happy! I think adoption is the BEST way to have a dog and God bless this family for doing so with Irene.

Alayne - love your hair cut! It's very flattering. :-)

Hi great news for Irene Alayne love your new hair cut.

Love ALL of these beautiful pictures! Thank you RDR for getting this little angel situated in the lap of love. And thank you Lois,and family, for being Irene's special place.Enjoy!!

Pure holiday magic, with a lot of wonderful helpers making it happen.
So WONDERFUL!!! Much love to you all. I'd think Doug of TLC must feel pretty special, too.

ps: I think puppy kisses are the fountain of youth, so of course, no one would be more beautiful than Alayne! :).

What wonderful news! Irene will not have to hold back her love, kisses and enthusiasm...she has a whole family to share it with.
Happy Holidays everyone!

I so wanted Irene for myself but I do such a lousy job of taking pictures that I figured I'd be denied! She has obviously found a family as delighted to have her as she is to have them. I am thrilled for everybody!

Santa Claus came early this year with his gift of a family all her own for Irene. What a wonderful time of year to be adopted. I'm sure there will be plenty of toys under the tree with Irene's name on them.

Merry Christmas Irene... see Santa is real! Blessings to you and your new forever home family. Alayne and Steve your are Angels sent from Heaven many warm wishes this Holiday Season!

What heart-warming news to wake up to this morning...a most 'special gift' for that lucky family!!!

Stoney and Barron now live in Washington, D.C.??

I'm so glad to read such happy news! I'm not surprised that a sweetheart like Irene would be adopted so soon. Thank you for rescuing this wonderful girl from death row and giving her the opportunity to find a loving home.

Thank you to Lois and her family for bringing Irene into their home. She sure is surrounded by a lot of love!

I just knew Irene would be a short-timer at RDF. It's lovely to see how happy Irene and her new family are. Here's wishing them all the best. Now, on another subject, how does Alayne stay so good looking year after year? Does she have a fountain of youth and beauty hidden on the farm? [Don't worry, Steve, you're pretty cute yourself!]

Just another testament to the great work you all do! Thank you!

This is the kind of post we all love to read. How wonderful that Irene gets a nice home for Christmas and Lois and her family gets this sweet girl. She will add much joy to their lives. Merry Christmas!!

Thanks for such a happy post! It made my day. Keep up the great work and happy holidays to all of you.

This is wonderful!! So happy to have a RDR addition in Washington DC. Lois H. should email me if she'd like to have a meet up with Baron and Stoney!!

THANK you for giving her a second chance and now there will be an opening for think she would have been killed.....RDF to the rescue. Thank you Lois and family for her new FOREVER home.

BTW, love Alayne's new haircut!

Good night, Irene! Enjoy your new home and fill it with your love and kisses. I hope her hew family will continue to share photos with the blog. Happy tears and heart while reading this post.

Yay Irene! I knew this little pistol would have a short stay at the ranch! Loved to hear shes already making friends with the neighbor dog! So glad Rolling Dog is here to give dogs like Irene a second chance at a great life! Love you guys! :)

I'm just thrilled that Irene has been adopted by such a loving family.

Woo-hoo for Irene but what about all the hearts she is breaking at RDF as those boys who played "hard to get" realize she is no longer there to adore them??

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