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December 18, 2011


Allie looks like one of Thurber's cartoon dogs, deep in thought.

Looking at the image of Allie. My first thought was sad or lonely..??

its a thought provoking photo in and of itself. my black lab LOVES to lay in the warmth of the sun, so maybe Allie just likes how the heat feels in the winter. but i agree with another commenter, that i bet she falls asleep like that once in a while :)

Yes, weighty thoughts for such a lovely young lady! Yay on being #3, but WOOHOO when you make it to #1!!

Dog Yoga. New version of 'downward facing dog'. Allie is the trend setter of RDF.

I just love black labs...........

and yo, Eric? you owe me a keyboard!

Sort of the K-9 version of Art Linkletter's "Kids Say the Darndest Things" yet here it's "Dogs DO the Darndest Things!"
By the way, that celebrity Firefox challenge ... a fun way to give! I challenge all the RDF fans to give something!

Dear young lady is Miss Allie!! EXCELLENT news on the challenge, that's's shooting up to #1!!!

I love this! We all need a spot to go and just be... and think. Allie is one smart dog. ;)

Hmm I do my best thinking on a piece of equipment that empties into a septic tank. Why is this such a mystery ?

When I was a kid we had a dog that would sit like that in front of the heater and my mom joked that she looked like Snoopy from the Peanuts comic when he would pretend he was a vulture 8-)

I, too, thought of Rodin's statue right away!;-)

Allie's such a lovely girl, isn't she?

A girl has to do her thinking however/wherever she can! LOL!

Now -- on to No. 1!!! You go!

Allie is a beautiful girl. I wonder if you ever find that she's fallen asleep in that position after she's done all her deep thinking :)

And Hooray for being in 3rd place so far. I'm hoping to see 1st place very soon!

Does the septic tank makes any sounds? Gurgles or the like?

If RD doesn't win the $25,000 do you still get our donations?

Allie, like all of your charges has a cuteness that is all her own. Congrats on the Firefox challenge! I hope everyone will come thru for you. In any case, RDR will get the money raised even if they don't win the 25K, right?

So wonderful to see blind Alley. WOW, No. 3 --that is amazing hope to see No 2 or even No 1 soon!

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