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December 06, 2011


It never ends! You guys are always up to something!
This was such an interesting post to read - and thanks for all the beautiful pictures. What gorgeous horses!

What a lovely couple. By the way, what are you doing back there actually? lol!

I didn't know that Beaver had died. I, like lots of your posters, love those big guys. So happy that you have the team you need in BillyBob.
As an aside, I wish you would (maybe I should say could) post updates on some of animals that we haven't heard about in so long. Both Rooster's and Beaver's deaths were a surprise to me.
God Bless all of you & the work that you do.

That's wonderful!
I appreciate that you work to be eco friendly. Thank you for that.
Billy Bob is an amzing, beautiful team. Stunning.

You sure are blessed to have Kate
on your team! She's even already "broke in" ha!

This is a wonderful idea! I wish you good luck and great enjoyment as you explore the world of old-style farming with these beautiful horses. You've impressed me once again with your thoughtful plans and determination. I look forward to hearing about your adventures and successes.

I love it! Using those two wonderful, big horses helps accomplish several of your so-worthy goals. Enjoy them for me too.

Oh I LOVE the big boys! Belgians are fabulous! When I was growing up, my grandpa raised and trained Belgians and Clydesdales. He worked closely with the Amish. He plowed his garden with his beloved horses until he was about 72 and then he didn't even bother planting anymore. My favorite pair was Dixie and Dolly.

Mamma Heartbeat

What a couple of lucky boys. I have had a Percheron and now two half perch boys. I love the big guys. They are so gentle and sweet. They will be so happy with you.

I'm just in awe of all the eco-friendly things you are implementing at RDF. You are role models to me and I hope more places follow your example to live more gently with Gaia.


Another great story about TRUST between animals and humans. In most cases, the animal is trusting you, Alayne and Steve, to care for them. In this case, however, you're trusting BillyBob to show you what you need to know about farming with horses. What a perfect circle of cooperation.

Thanks for teaching us the many variables about draft horses. I had no idea different functions required different temperaments. Always fun to learn from you guys.

wouldn't you like to know what those boys were thinking! You guys looked like professionals. Love it!

Such powerful, handsome boys!

Congratulations Steve & Alayne! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with the Boyz.
I used to work with a draft horse on a small farm in Maine. Our first was a very experienced gelding named Jim. One winter, we had a stack of tree-length firewood still way back up at the edge of the woods when we got 3' of snow. I was using Jim to pull the logs down to our house, where my husband was cutting them to stove-length.
The snow was so deep that I found it hard to keep up with Jim when we were walking back up to get the next log. So I decided to try just coiling the reins up & looping them over the hames, to see if Jim would walk up to the log stack on his own. Jim did the walk up on his own, with me trailing behind. Not only that, when he got to the stack of logs, he turned around in front of them, & stopped, waiting for me to arrive & to hook him up to the next log.
That's the benefit of an experienced horse! He was at least 19 when we got him, but we never regretting getting an older horse.

How very interesting. You all were truly meant to be doing what you are and work really hard. The Billy Bob boyz are handsome and look gentle. If ever in your area, I would love to visit and meet all of the animals.

Wow, Billy and Bob are absolutely beautiful and regal horses! They sure are going to have a great life at RDF and with all the love and care you give, they won't mind working for you at all!

Too cool!!

ROTFLMAO. I hadn't gotten half way thru & I was already thinking..."Amish, they're turning Amish." You've already got the beard for it!

Beautiful horses! Looks like a Segway in horse drawn fashion. Love it!

You two NEVER cease to AMAZE us!!! Not only do we fully support the mission of RDF we learn so much from your never ending ways to better the world. Bob and Bill are nothing less than GORGEOUS!!!!

Beautiful horses and an elegant solution to your wet pasture problem. Enjoy your new friends!

They are beautiful. I'm sure they will have fun with you guys.

You are truly blessed!!! And so are Bill and Bob!

Billy Bob are a couple of lucky fellas to end up at RDF! My grandfather farmed with Belgians for years. They are exceptional workers. Enjoy!

That first picture is gorgeous! It would make a beautiful notecard should you ever feel so inclined. I enjoyed reading this story. Tell the Billy Bobbsey twins not to forget their annual autmumn bonus: free apples!

I can feel the excitement of the first drive in this post. What a great day for Bill and Bob when they moved to RDF and became part of your team!

Y'all are some fascinating people. I'm so glad I found this blog!

Bill and Bob may not know it yet, but they're two lucky horses to have joined the RDF family.

Beautiful horses!!

Wonderful post! The Boyz look to be loads of fun. I so enjoy reading your blog. Perhaps someday you will have a collection you will publish. Everyday activities can turn into an adventure at RDF. And we love reading about each and every one!

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