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November 15, 2011


Those two are so impossibly cute! Adorable! Irene looks so much like my Bogart, I suspect he may be part Shih-Tzu (I know he's part Westie). At least Irene doesn't do to Fuzzy what Bogie does to my very tolerant Lab, Smokey -- use him as a prop to stand up on hind legs.

Poor Fuzzy! Guess he's too nice a guy to warn her off in the traditional dog manner. He's very forbearing. It's too bad really, because they're obviously made for each other, as Irene saw from the start. Thanks for the latest installment in this saga of unrequited love. :)

Usually it's the female who plays hard to get but Fuzzy is demonstrating that males can be that way too! Something tells me that Fuzzy may one day have to give in, given Irene's persistence :)

The expression on Irene's face after cleaning Fuzzy's ear is priceless and I sat here chuckling for quite a while. I also love just looking at both of their adorable faces!

We LOVE Irene!!!

I think Irene is definitely going to win over Fuzzy's heart, there quite a pair, and cute too!!

Okay, they both are cute ... but that Fuzzy!!! Adorable! No wonder Irene's after him!

I can see why Irene wants to whisper sweet nothings in his do I. What a handsome dude!

I'm sure Irene is not the only female swooning over the very handsome Fuzzy - she's just the only one of use who can make some moves!

Irene, you are so adorable I can't imagine how Fuzzy can possibly rebuff your advances. It's not you, Honey.
You've got to move on, Irene. There are plenty of guys out there that will "see" you for the babe that you are. Unfortunately, Fuzzy isn't one of them.

Oh, Irene. You are so sweet! I cannot believe the bedding/accommodations/match making department has not been of more help to you. Keep trying, you are a cutie. (so is Fuzzy, you have good taste)

Smart money says Irene will win Mr. Fuzzy over...

OMG, these pictures are so incredibly sweet!

I do hope all this unrequited love doesn't make Irene too miserable...;-)

Please give her (and Fuzzy, of course) a huge hug for me.

"Drat my great personal charm and incredible animal magnetism," said Fuzzy, "I am cursed!"

"Scientists report this evening that the RDF Cute-O-Meter has once again gone off the charts and reached epic levels!".

they are both so sweet...but poor fuzzy, he looks very put out by her. she's wearin' him OUT!

The problem is here isn't Irene, it is that darned little Fuzzy-Wuzzy is so dang adorable! Who wouldn't want to kiss all over him????

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