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November 17, 2011


I know you are enjoying the environment where you are now. Good decision that you all made. I know the fur kids are happy about it too. Love this picture a lot!

Love this beautiful serene picture of the horses. I'm so glad you'll get a bit of a break from the harsh winter of Ovando. You guys work hard enough without that!!

I have no witty comments. Just wanted to let you know your posts always make me smile and help me to remember there are good people on this earth.

This posting reminded me of your posting from 12/09/09, the day your waterers stopped working due to the cold. Part of your posting read: "Had it really been so cold that the pressure tank fittings and pipes had frozen 7 feet underground?

We pulled the metal hatch back. As soon as we had moved it a foot I looked down and could see in the light from my headlamp what the problem was: the 2-inch (5 cm) thick rigid foam insulation glued to the underside of the hatch had separated and fallen into the bottom of the culvert. The cold was working its way through the now uninsulated metal hatch and seeping into the space below, eventually overcoming the ground heat that should have kept it above freezing that deep underground. It had taken a couple of days of -20° and -30° degree cold to penetrate, but penetrate it had. The foam insulation on the rest of the lid was still very much in place, but losing it from underneath the hatch was enough heat loss to make the difference.

I climbed down the ladder and confirmed that it was indeed just below freezing at ground level."

I remember feeling so bad for you I almost cried. Although Montana is beautiful, I'm glad you have moved to a less harsh environment.


OH BUT DO WE MISS YOU!!! Much love from MT!!

That is a lovely picture of the horses surrounded by the fall landscape. Thank goodness you don't have to deal with the harsh Montana fall and winters anymore.

Here in SC, the leaves have finally started to fall and the weather can't make up its mind...the norm for a southern fall. It's warm one day and cold the next and sometimes we use the air conditioning and the heat in the same day :)

Thrilled you are in better weather for ALL residents. Cute post on Fuzzy!!!

The Ovando weather certainly puts it all in perspective. :)

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