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November 27, 2011


Too funny, Gondo. ;) Love you Madison. Thank you Widgie for being patient.

Widget could placate Madison by giving her a little massage on the way down, sort of like the blind kneading the blind.

Awww,Widget - there's always somethin' huh. That Madison is pushin' it blocking your way. I have the same question as Jessia above - what does she do after completing her mission?

Well, if some action described as 'a wee bit cranky' is enough to stop unstoppable Widget in her tracks... I'm impressed! If the block is still there upon returning, will she wait for you to lift her back up?

This picture brought a big smile to my face. I love seeing how Widget figures out how to get whatever she wants done, done! A smart cookie Widget is!

And Madison is the picture of perfect contentment. Wish I could sleep that well!

Excuse me but I believe the approved beagle term is Planning and Assessing and not sleeping as the poor human minions understand it. When an alpha beagle like Widget appears to be asleep she is actually going through her strategic plans for the future of RDF.

I have had the same problem - but I think mine was from the turkey! The calendar looks great and yes, the snapshot of Steve and Patty gives you a catch in the throat. Hope to get lots of calendars ordered!

Ah, the Widge, I've missed her in your posts. Obviously still up to her beagle antics:-) Doesn't get much cuter than her, and of course Madison is adorable also.

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