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November 08, 2011


Funny.....we were just talking about Lucy today on our walk---love the update!!!!

RDF adoptees make such awesome fammily pets---we should know---

Nothing is more soothing to the heart than seeing these dogs in their forever homes.

You look beautful Lucy!

Lucy has gone to such a wonderful and loving family! She deserves to be spoiled and they are certainly doing a wonderful job with the "Pink Princess"!

Steve and Alayne, once again solid proof that what you do has such positive effects on lives. Lucy came to you, you housed, cared for and loved on her while she waited for Vicki & family to come along to complete their family. What a wonderful update. That is one well loved little princess. My heart sings.

Such a very cute little girl! She reminds me so much of dear Greta (now at the Bridge) from Dachshund Delights, who also had everything in pink, even her Halloween Superhero costume!

I think her name should be, "Precious Pink Princess." She is just so sweet!

Why wouldn't a doggy diva expect to also be a Puppy Princess?

Postively Perfect for a Proper Pink Princess Pooch!

What a nice photo - she looks so cute in her coat. It's so heartwarming to know what a wonderful life she has and how spoiled she is. What a lucky girl!

I love that Lucy is so wonderfully spoiled and pampered!! So lovely to read that she is loved like the princess she is. ALL dogs deserve a home like this.

Thank you for everything you do.

Very happy and lucky dog!

Work it (snap!), girl! Love this picture.

Thats one lucky little lady. God bless all the wonderful folks who give these sweet babies homes and give them the life they deserve ;)

Princess Lucy looks simply adorable! What a fashionista!:-) "Pretty in pink" comes right to mind.:-)

Isn't it just great to know that she has found such a wonderful forever home?

This has to be the cutest picture ever! That pink coat is priceless. Lucy is a very lucky dog to be in this loving home. She must get showered with lots of love, affection, and of course, all things pink!

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