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November 20, 2011


I have shed tears all afternoon after hearing the sad news. I am so sorry for your loss but am so very happy that this sweet dog was able to find you and live out the best years of her life under your care. She will be waiting for you both on the other side, along with all the others.

There is nothing I can add that improves on the comments above, she was in the best possible hands. I met her in July. She was a lucky dog.

So sorry for your loss. You gave Patti such a good life. I'm sure she is one of your guardian angels now. Watching over you and protecting you, as you both deserve so much.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your babies and the people that work with you, and special prayers for all who are in doggie heaven. I know that they have given you lots of happiness. You are all special.

The Steinbergs

Steve and Alayne, I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of dear, sweet Patti. She died at home surrounded by love. Take good care of yourselves.

I'm so sorry you and Alayne lost your dear friend Patti.

When the body falls away; all that's left is love.

Patti was love and was loved by two amazing people.

Steve and Alayne,
We are so very sorry for your loss. We remember meeting Patti when we visited you in Montana. She was blessed to have you as her family.

I am so sorry for your loss... it is good that she was able to be home with you until the very end. She will be in good company at the rainbow bridge until you meet again...xo, Libby

Sleep well, sweetheart. We will miss your beautiful face on the Internet.

After my Jack died a year ago this month, he graced me with a brief visit to show the utter joy he is experiencing now. I know you share that joy, Patti, and that makes me smile even while my heart breaks for Steve and Alayne who will miss you with all their hearts.

Patti was so loved, the time she had with you was heaven on earth. She will be missed. Bless you, Alayne, and all her furry mates.

We are so sorry to hear of Patti's passing. Although you can no longer see her, she remains at your side; you will feel her and she will make her presence known to you. XOXO

Just checked in to see how she was and there was the sad news..Thinking of you on this sad day....

Such a sweet, wonderful, beautiful girl she was. I know it doesn't help right now, but she had a wonderful, long life thanks to you and Alayne. She was so blessed to have found her way to you, and she knew it. My heartfelt sympathies to you both.

My heart goes out to you both at this time. Patti you will be missed. What a precious friend you had in her. God Bless you both for the work that you do.

My condolences to you both, Steve and Alayne. Thank you for the beautiful picture of Patti, also. Her life with you at RDR was so wonderful and her death at home was the best way to go. You made the longest part of her life so much better than the beginning--thank you.

I am so sorry for your loss. She died knowing real love and happiness, after her horrible earlier experience. She'll always be an example of true forgiveness.
Thank you for all you do. Please be kind to yourself also, and take care.

Some day, when you reach the Rainbow Bridge and are reunited with all the dogs, cats, and horses you have helped, Patty will be the guard dog whoofing to let them know you have arrived. Until then, peace to you, and to Patty.

God bless sweet Patty' soul and all her family at the ranch.

As much as I love your blog, I was dreading this posting. I'm sorry for your loss... It makes me smile to know that Patti passed at home. Hugs to you and all the 4 legged babies @ Rolling Dog Farm.

All losses hurt, but some more than others. Patti touched your hearts so deeply. Many hugs and kleenexes to you, Steve and Alayne, the angels of RDF.


I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you grieve the loss of each of the animals who live with you, but some must be tougher than others.

So sorry for your loss, but so happy she got to spend so long with you guys as a special part of your lives.

So sorry that you lost your Patti. Sounds as tho it was peaceful for her. Never gets easier I am sure, it never gets easier for us to hear of the ones that pass on. Still it must be comforting to you both to know you gave her the best life she could have up until the end. Bless you for the wonderful work you do. We still miss you in Monatana!

You were loved by so many Patti.

I am so very sorry for your loss. You both are in my thoughts and prayers.
much love

What a precious face! She was so blessed to be living at the both gave her the best life! My sympathies to you both.

How fortunate the animal control person recognized the needs and the potential in Patti! Thank goodness you two were available to help Patti. Thank you for making her life since 2003 a good one.


Godspeed, sweet, beautiful Patti. I am sorry for your loss, Steve and Alayne, and for ours. I'm so glad she was with you and knew love.

God Bless You for all you do for these wonderful animals. They are so special, and i'm sure you feel just as lucky to have lived with them. Because of you, Patti had the best life possible. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

So sorry for your loss. She had a wonderful home with the both of you.

Patti's life with you was filled with love and care. We all grieve with you, knowing her, as we did, only through your wonderful words and pictures, but loving her as well.

I am so sorry! Patti will be greatly missed. Thank you for taking such good care of her & giving her a safe place to call home for so long. I hope you will soon find comfort in all your memories of her.

To pass away surrounded by love,in an atmosphere of kindness and no stress with much dignity is such a gift. You gave Patti this and many other gifts. Patti gave you many as well. Rest peacefully sweetheart.

What a beautiful girl! Thank you for being there for her (and for all of your other beloved companions). My heart goes out to both of you.

Thank you Alayne and Steve for providing Patti with a loving home and all the care. My heartfelt condolances.

Sweet Patti - We are so very sorry & totally feel your sadness & loss. Losing 3 of ours in the past year, we do understand.

We love you - Kae, Lloyd & Molly

You have just had too many losses lately. Sending you hugs.

Have fun over the bridge Patti! We know your sight is restored and you are roaming around looking at all kinds of fun stuff!

So nice that Patti was able to pass peacefully amongst all the love and comfort she found at RDF.

I know how much she'll be missed.


So so sorry for your loss :(( Godspeed sweet girl.

I am so sorry for you loss. Patti was always one of my favorites. All of you are in my heart and prayers and just know that Patti is waiting at The Rainbow bridge for her family. God Bless!

Dear Alayne and Steve,

We have you both held closely in our hearts. You just have to keep the thought that Patti knew exactly how much she was loved.

I'll bet those were three of the best weeks of her life being lavished with love. Wishing you strength as you deal with the loss of another one.
Hugs and Purrs, Miranda

So very sorry about Patti, she was a beautiful soul and you gave her the best life possible. She's now "watching" for you at the rainbow bridge. love to you both!

so sorry to hear about Patti. you certainly gave her a wonderful life.

Rest in peace sweet and beautiful Patti. It sounds like death came for you while you were in a warm and loving place on your blanket. I am glad about that peaceful spot. Bless your hearts, Steve and Alayne for giving this beautiful multi-colored girl the love she deserved.

My heart aches for you in the loss of beautiful sweet Patti. May she rest in peace and your hearts be eased knowing what a wonderful life you gave Patti. You showed her that life situations can change and how good it can be. Bless you for blessing her. Rest sweetly in peace Patti.

So very sorry.

My heart is absolutely were all very very lucky indeed to have each to love and comfort....God Bless you Patti xo

Sending love to you all. Thank you for rescuing this beautiful soul who will be deeply missed.

Patti~ may your beautiful soul run, play, and bark with abandon as you experience the unbounded!

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