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November 13, 2011


I have to tell you that pigeons are so beautiful. Once we had a flock of them roost at our home for a period of about three months...their cooing was really very nice and comforting for sure. The only thing is that our dog didn't like them at all...we had to give her some discount pet meds to try and calm her down to stop attacking these beautiful birds. Phil Abramsky,

Guess us New Yorkers sent you a little too much love!

Hah! That reminds me of a similar situation I had when I lived in a remote area in Pennsylvania. All of the sudden one summer there were chipmunks EVERYwhere. So I started catching them in a live trap and taking them up a steep hike to the top of a ravine nearby that had an old stone wall circling an old farmer's field. Well day after day I took one after another up there and finally got them all - I guess it was a little too far for a tiny chipmunk to find it's way back. Last I saw they were all still up there and doing fine! Hope your birds stay away! :)

Wow. And in the picture they look so innocent... :) Very kind of you to take cohesion of the family unit into your plan. But that shouldn't surprise us. Probably a necessity for success, too. Good luck!

Sometimes POO happens. Great story. I can just visualize you nabbing the birds, then transplanting them somewhere else. As if you weren't busy enough. Glad things are getting back to normal. Take care.

Like some others have said, definitely never a dull moment at RDF! I have to give you props on your ingenuity in using a dog crate for safely rounding up the pigeons...a very good idea!

You guys are amazing. Always with such a gentle spirit. At Intel where James works they have to call in the hazmad team to clean up pigeon poo!!

Well, as Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say: "It's always something!"
Sure does keep you hoppin'

What a great story! Hope the 30-mile distance is sufficient, and that no other local pigeons hear of the now available premises...

the Pigeon Whisperer!

Good Morning from *frosty* southern Manitoba...well that is quite the tale.....yikes!! 'Fingers crossed' your problem is solved! We have 2 pretty little pigeons that come during the summer to feed on our bird seed along with all the other to have them..but fortunately they have not taken up residence! Cheers, Valerie (p.s. a big hug to Patti xo)


I understand they make great eating! :) I too would have love to have seen a film of the 3 of you vs "The Pigeons". What next?

Steve, your range of tallents astound me. Did you ever think that they've figured out what a great place the RDR is, and they want to stay with you? Stranger things have been known to happen.
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I hope these aren't homing pigeons...

I like the Monty Python title of this post!

Oh my, there really is no dull moment for ya'll is there? Hopefully they do not have too strong of homing pigeon genetics in them. Good thinking of pigeon plucking though.

Your adventures never end do they? LOL Hope your craftiness solved the problem. Their feces is so very un-hygenic, a problem you definitely don't need at the farm. I guess persistance really is the key!

The first word that comes to mind after reading this post is "persistence"......of all parties involved!

Sounds familiar. When I bought my current house, it was gutted to the studs and several windows were broken out, and it had been that way for 4+ years. Basically, I bought 3000sq ft of pigeon poo. Chasing them out and securing windows took three people an entire afternoon. And of course, they found a way back in. To the attic this time, but still. It took almost a year to get rid of them completely.

Steve Smith: Pigeon Hunter - - sounds like the beginning of a new TV reality series! That was a stroke of genius you had about capturing the snoozing pigeons. I was prepared to read that you rigged up something with a shop vac and long hose. :)

I would give anything for a video of all that!! LOL! Never a dull moment at Rolling Dog Farm....thanks for the chuckle!

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