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October 02, 2011


It is nice to know that their are people like Steve Smith and Alayne Marker who are giving these animals a second chance. I just wish that there were more people like them who can help animals especially those who need special care.

I enjoyed that so much. I will always believe in what you do.

Great job! It was nice to see so much of Spencer and Katie. And doing more than just sleeping curled up next to each other, although that is always a wonderful sight too.

Great story, hope you get lots of donations from it. Could not finish watching it because no matter how humanely you treat those cattle, you're still killing something that knows you personally, has a name, and trusts you.

*****GOLD STARS***** to all who were involved in this very informative segment!! Showing how these wonderful souls' lives are enriched by the love, care and compassion you all provide for them.....Well done, well done indeed! I add my applause to your other commenters....THANK YOU for being there for them!! You have my utmost respect....sincerely Valerie from up in southern Manitoba.

I will never, ever tire of all the photos, news coverage, blog posts, and most of all love that comes from Rolling Dog Animal Farm. All of you, human and critters inspire me each and every day.

Nope - not able to watch it - the screen does not open up not does the sound play.


Calgary Canada

Great segment! You're "TV naturals", Steve & Alayne!

Sorry I/we couldn't hear what Kate had to say.

Hope this show will bring new supporters and donors to RDF.

Great story! My only question is, are all the animals actively available for adoption? My impression for pretty much the entire time I've been following updates and recommending friends donate was there are always a few promoted as adoptable and the majority are there for the remainder of their lives unless a supporter asks to adopt a specific dog/cat/horse.

What a wonderful piece they did on the Farm! I truly enjoyed it and it shows all the hard work and the unconditional love you, Alayne and Katie give the animals each and every day!

Wonderful segment! I don't know how you do it day in day out--year after year! You two continue to amaze us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for saving and rescuing so many who otherwise would have been killed. You have our upmost respect and admiration!

Great show! Alayne and Steve you both looked so relaxed that someone would never realize how much you do in a 24 period compared to the rest of're rare and unequaled. I hope you get lots of new followers of the Ranch.

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