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October 16, 2011


Lovely pics and the one reflected in the pond is just amazing!

For all of your beloved animals, RDF IS the pot of gold at the ends of the rainbows. They hit the jackpot big time when they found Steve and Alayne!

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for the lovely pics and the one reflected in the pond is just amazing!
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

That is indeed awesome! I was thinking the same thing as Patty - a testament to God's handiwork -- He's very creative! :-)

Spectacular :)

Perhaps this "double" honors you 2 new additions Irene & Owen. But very possibly a beautiful hello from your very special angels. Very special! :)

Years Ago while driving back to Portland from the beach we drove thru a rainbow that was right on the road.
I told the kids "Hurry, roll down your windows and you will hear the Leprechaun luaghing"
To this day my daughter will say I am freaky.

What stunning pictures...absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing these :)

What a beautiful treat!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful view with us.

Very nice indeed! Dogs and cats watch birds and airplanes fly overhead. They watch firecrackers exploding overhead. Do you suppose they watch rainbows.
One of my cousins had a dog who chased airplanes flying in their final approach to the Indianapolis airport. I had a dog who was terrified of firecrackers (when I had happened to have her in the car while I was watching fireworks at the county fair). We have a dog now who is afraid of flashing bolts of lightning. Two other dogs would drag me out in the street to avoid walking past standup cutouts of bears on the sidewalk in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Hmmm. Thanks for sending these pictures. I am quite fond of rainbows. Phyllis

AWESOME! Thanks for sharing; I love God's handiwork!

Beautiful! You've got a piece of heaven on earth there - and made a piece of heaven for the animals. God bless you both!

Stunning! Now you need to put your find on you tube. Dude. ;-)

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