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October 30, 2011


Dear Rolling Dog Farm,
May I ask how we can share your email article (brief summary of Patti's whole situation)? I am on facebook.


Oh My,
I am so sorry for the sad passing of Patti. I just read your email send out, and almost couldn't take hearing aboot how she was severely abused (and she kept her spirits up). Nothing like that should happen to any creature furry or human or gills.

Thank you Rolling Dog Farm the care and love and family life you put in for Patti's last years.

This will be in my mind and heart after only 1 day of hearing about Patti.

To Patti, thank you for coming into this life filled with life, and the ability to forgive and forget about difficult things in life.

Hana in MA

Much love to Patti and to you all for everything you've done for her. I'm glad she was rescued from a horrible start and has experienced such love from you.

Oh I am so sorry. I know how hard this process is. I just lost my 11 year old to lymphoma. There were good days and bad days, but I was happy I could be there with her. I'm sure Patti appreciates every moment with you.

One of our fosters has been diagnosed with a thyroid tumor, which is never good news. Radiographs show suspicious signs of metastasis. We lost another foster to what most definitely had the "not here today, but sure here tomorrow" signs of hemangiosarcoma just a couple of months ago. Our plan is always to maintain maximum quality of life and to let them go with grace and dignity. Hugs guys.

It warms my heart to think that she only knows love now and has so for years, because of you. And that is wonderful. I pray for a peaceful transition. My thoughts are with you all.

What a nasty disease! We have been lucky to have caught our Golden's tumor before it had spread and our fabulous vet has given us time with our 13 year old. Best wishes to you.

So sorry to hear about Patti's diagnosis.

You both have given her wonderful years at the ranch and have shown her true love and compassion. This has made all the difference in her life.

My thoughts are with you at this time.

Hugs. To all of you. Grateful you are there for Patty's last days. What a great life she has had these many years she shared with you. Bless you both and all you do. Keep sharing the love. Ear scratchies and belly rubs for Patty.

My heart and prayers go out to you all!!! Cancer is a dreaded disease - I have had to deal with it too much!! What a comfort to know that Ms. Pattie is well loved and with a family who loves her very very much!!!

Patti, you have made the world a better place even to those of us who only know you via the blog. Good girl!
Steve and Alayne, we're all wishing you strength as you guide yet another one of your precious loves gently and with dignity through the final stages of life. Thank you.

My heart is aching this morning.

I am so grateful to have been able to meet and spend time with Patti at Rolling Dog Ranch when you were near us in Montana. Patti is one of the sweetest, most loving animals I have ever met.

Thank you Steve & Alayne for giving Patti such a great life after her previous life of pain....

Patti IS loved so much and will continuet to be loved forever.....

I am heart broken for you...happy and grateful for Patti having such great love the last eight years. Bless you. I wish her peace.

Like the others, I am so sorry to hear about Patti's cancer. Unfortunately, many of us dog lovers have gone through a situation similar to this.It is heart wrenching, but it is also wonderful to know that Patti had such a good life in her last years. God bless you all.I am sure Patti will be missed and eventually will be another warm memory in your hearts.

How sad! At least she has had a good life with you two. Thank you for all you do for these wonderful animals. Phyllis

What a sweet, sweet face. May you all find comfort in the upcoming weeks. Not an easy road to travel.

I agre with what Lynn (in Louisiana) just stated. We lost our girl to this dreaded disease in March. Thoughts and prayers to You, Alayne and especially sweet, sweet Patti.

Hang in there Patti. Love ya! Hoping and praying for a miracle.

Had the pleasure of meetng sweet Patty-cakes this summer on our visit. Always devastating news when it's cancer. Been there, done that with our little Mille, not a happy time. Patty was so lucky to find the farm for her later years. Best to you all......

My heart breaks for Steve and Alayne every time something like this occurs. I sit here crying and thanking God that there are people like them who give their love, sweat and tears to these sweet precious animals. Thank you for making their lives beautiful ones. God bless you,
Patty C

I know you'll take the very best care of Patti in her last days. Looking back on her past and how she came into your care, we all know she's had the best life ever, best care, best love. She knows it, too.

My heart is heavy for you, for it's your burden to watch her leave. It never gets easier, but she depends on you and I know you will be there for her. She knows it, too.

Patti, kisses on your nose.

It is good to hear that Patty is well enough to let you have some more time with you. We have all been there and there is something comforting about having her with you and free of pain for even a few days so you can love her up and say goodbye.

I swear you can feel Patty's sweetness thru the internet (although I'm certain all of us would MUCH prefer to hug her in person. She is such a dear one.

Wish there were more we could do... prayers and as much comfort to you all. All your actions are made with love.

I'm in tears for sweet Patti. I'm comforted only by knowing she'll have all the love and care she needs and deserves as her life ends. Bless you for all you do.

I know it is hard to lose a loved one. I just lost my cat we saved 11 years ago. But be happy that she made her way to you. That she will live her remaining days being loved and cared for. Bless you for all that you do.

How Sad! At least she has you two and your NH vets to make the proper decisions for her. Give Patti a big hug for me and keep one for each of you two.

Steve and Alayne..Once again blessing on you and Rolling Dog Farm...Mostly on dear sweet Patti, such a brave wonderful girl. I hope for all your sakes you get to have a few more wonderful wakeup days with such a forgiver. I wish you, Alayne, RDF, and of course Patti peaceful happy days for as long as she has...she will be missed

I'm so sorry you two have to say good by to yet another of your sweet babies. I don't know how we ever prepare for it. I resent every time someone I love is taken from me. I weep for all three of you and bless the two hearts that continue to put themselves and their hearts on the line for their beloved charges.

Darling Patti - you are in wonderful hands with Alayne and Steve (although I am sure you have already worked that out by now). I hope that your remaining days continue to be happy and pain free and full of a little bounce and spring.
Alayne and Steve - I can never thank you for all that you both do. I am continually amazed at you both - you are wonderful and inspirational!
I will keep you all in my prayers during Miss Patti's last days - lots of love to you all.

My heart is with you, Alyane and Patti. Such a beautiful gift that sweet girl has been to you. My neighbors dog has the same thing. Her spleen actually ruptured in August and it is cancerous. They told them she has 2-6 months.
Thinking of all of you. Hugs to Patti.

I'm so sorry to read this post about sweet Patti. I know that you and Alayne will give her only the best as she gets ready to pass over the rainbow bridge. Please be good to each other as well, my heart goes out to each of you.
Hugs all around, esp. Patti,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Oh, I'm so sad to hear this. But I'm glad you were able to avoid the terrible situation you went through before, and will at least have some final time with Patti. I just re-read her story and she certainly is a shining example of how dogs can still forgive and trust, and learn how to live with a disability. An icon indeed. You have given her a wonderful life.

A&S, My heart goes out to you and your sweet girl Patti. I hope she can bask in a few more sunny, quiet days with you. HSA stole my 11-year old dog last year. So sudden.

Steve and Alayne - You do everything possible for all your angels. She has a wonderful, rich live with you and her buddies after the awful life pre-RDR. I'll pray for a miracle for the sweet big girl.

I know you will give Patti so much care and attention for her final days. She will know and feel your love, as she has for the time she has been with you. Again, I am amazed that you can go through this time after time. My heart would be so broken. I am hugging my dog more than ever today.

I'm so sorry about Patti. It sucks. Big XO to her and you both and to her canine friends.

I can't tell you how much my heart aches as I read this. Patti is such a sweet girl and you have given her so much. She is loved and knows it. Having been through this myself, I know that keeping them happy and comfortable is all we can do. Bless you and Alayne as you travel this very difficult road and may you find comfort in all the virtual arms embracing you.

Oh no, so sorry to hear about Patty. I lost Keanu, my beautiful Aussie to that dis-ease three years ago (he was just five years old) and understand how rapidly it progresses.

So glad that Patti has had such a good life with you and was able to know such love.


Sweet Sweet Girl - she has endiured so much in her life before Rolling Dog gave her life and love back. Make these few days with her all about her - sending HUGE hugs for Patti from Alberta.

Prayers and much love to you, Patty. No worries, honey. Steve and Alayne will always take good care of you. We love you from afar.

Poor ol' girl. I know that you all will make the right choice, as you always do. Go in peace dear Patty.

Thank goodness Patty got to have such a wonderful life when she got to Rolling Dog Farm. And thank goodness she has such wonderful people like you, Steve and Alayne, to be there for her as she goes through these final days. My heart goes out to you as you say goodbye to your beautiful girl.

Patti is such a beautiful girl in this picture with her orangish hues on her face. And I am so glad she got to give and receive love after a sad start that you describe. I know you will have the strength to wrap her in all your love and peace while she makes her final effort.

Ah Patti, sweet thing who has been through so much. I will be thinking about you all. I'm so glad she has been with you to know love.

It seems that Lynn (in Louisiana) has spoken for all of us. Please know how much both of you, Alayne and Steve, are loved and admired.

We lost our little yorkie Megan to hemangiosarcoma (on her right atrium and spread to her brain and thyroid) on Feb. 9th. One morning she had a little cough and we lost her that afternoon. This cancer leaves not one single option.

Megan was the all-time sweetest little dog we have ever had and she's patiently waiting for sweet Patti to come and play...

If ever I find myself angry or insulted by some affront, I will try to remember Patty. If she could forgive humanity for what happened to her, open her heart again, and find new love and joy -- so can we all. I wish you and Patty a blessed last few days together.

Heartwrenching....she's so lucky to spend her time with you all...god bless.

Bless her sweet heart. Praying that the remainder of Patti's days will be happy and comfortable for her. I know they will be filled with love. Hugs to all.

I'm so sorry to read about Patty. At least you can give her some extra loving before the big day arrives!! :( She has defied the odds for sure! Give her a big hug for me and one to you both as well. I will be thinking of you all.

We know you take such loving care of each animal, and how something like this tears at your heart as it does ours. Just writing about it must be difficult Steve, and we thank you for taking the time to tell us. May Patty's precious life finish well, in the loving surroundings that you and Alayne have provided for her.

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