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October 25, 2011


Great picture thanks for all you do for the "special" animals Steve! I vote for rolling dog rescue each day in the animal rescue.

At least this time we an see it's not "cardboard Steve" in the pictures. Remember last news letter outtakes, he looked like a wax statue of himself? :) We love to laugh with you, Steve, not at you.


I like all the pics, and Cash is so handsome! Steve, you are so funny, does Alayne ever just want to whap you up side of your head for being so picky? I'm laughing as I type this.
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias and Tlingit

I always love the outtakes! And everyone always looks great in them. They just have an extra smile factor. :)

Cute pictures from the picture-taking session. Thanks for sharing. Phyllis

I always enjoy the "out-takes" and your explanation about why you didn't like a photo. Usually it's something I completely missed until you point it out, and then "oh!" I see it and laugh out loud.

Should we send donations for Photoshop so you can paste in the right expression from each subject on different photos? Justin kidding. I think Alayne secretly likes to stand there smiling through 60 pictures, and I'm sure Kate loves taking them.

I love all of these photos, but especially the one of Cash ear-to-ear with Alayne. He looks like he is listening for a secret. Great photos and funny stories! :)

It may go to his head (not disembodied!), but that Cash has grown into a most handsome fellow. Great pictures! Fun! Looking forward to the newsletter, as always.

ps: Wish we were all as photogenic as Alayne!

Awesome threesome! And your prose is so fun to read. have a lovely autumn day!

I love all your animals, but am particularly fond of Cash. The outtakes are great and yes, we always love seeing them. Kudos to all of you!!!


Cash is absolutely beautiful!!! I love the first shot. "You're taking pictures? Oh, really? I didn't know, but since I'm here....." You appear to have had a beautiful day for taking pictures of beautiful people, two and four legged! :) :) :)

The comedian, W.C. Fields, is credited with the line, “Never work with children or animals.”

It's just easier these days with digital cameras.

Cash is looking so handsome--and so are the humans!

OK Steve, so if no one else will say it, I will. You're so very lucky that we care about you for what you do for the animals - and Alyane is a saint! ha ha ha ha Everyone has their peculiarities and yours just happens to be photo taking. Could be a lot worse. And congratulations for winning the weekly prize in the Shelter Challenge. We're all still voting every day.

Thank you, Steve, for making me laugh on this grey October day.:-)

I just love Alayne's glorious smile...


Sweet and funny Cash is my favorite horse to hear about. I remember when he was just a baby and playing with Steve's zipper. LOL He's grown in to such a handsome young man! : )

I always look forward to the outtake pictures and these didn't disappoint! I think the "disembodied head" picture of Cash would be great for Halloween! :)

As always, you and Alayne look great, and Cash is such a handsome boy!

Can you guys hook me up with Laura from Helena who adopted two of the blind dogs? Please? There is a blind/older chihuahua at the shelter here in Great Falls and I am trying to find it a home with friends. They have questions about blind dogs and patio stairs.
Give her my email address please.
BTW the pics and story are hilarious.

Bahahahahahahahaha!!! Horse head balloon, that's EXACTLY what it looks like in the picture. Way too funny. What fun "photo day" must be for all concerned:-) The final shot is definitely the best one but thanks for including all the other ones too.

Now that is a lovely trio.

Well know I have to make a comment about all the picture taking..hee..ok, ok I won't. I will say that Cash is a handsome boy and just too funny. Alayne love the new haircut!! Steve you are ok too! :)

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