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October 04, 2011


She is so preciously cute! Love her. Has she lost any weight yet?

Your Soba is just awesome. He was probably cold so wanted to hide somwehere.

Cute. How can you resist that? The wait staff had better get with it! Ha ha.

My red, long hair miniature doxie does the same thing. I call it sitting pretty and she knows she's irresistible when she does this. It does work every time much to her sister's dismay.

That Sophie is just adorable.

Ah yes, ever the optimist! I remember when we taught our dachshund mix to beg. We didn't foresee (although we should have) that he would start using his new trick all day long. "They give me food when I do this. Therefore, I should do this as often as possible."

Sophie is a sweetie!

Thats my girl! give her a hug for me :) Ashley

You just have to admire the persistance of the dachshund! One of these days the wait staff, I am sure, will surely catch on! Ha!

No tips for this waitstaff! Is there anything cuter than a dachshund? Sophie, you break my heart with all your adorability.

How old do you figure little Sophie is and what was cause of her blindness?

Again, the wait staff receives questionable marks from the residents. I guess you can't please everyone! ;-)

Sophie is too sweet - love the tongue dangle - it certainly adds to her charm. If she was doing that at my table - I'd cave every time.

I was curious. Why does Sophie always have a harness on?

Sophie is persistant that's for sure! She's also very, very cute while she's trying to get the wait staff to see things her way. She's probably thinking "If you don't succeed try, try again"!

It looks like you've gotten her trimmed down quite a bit. She looks great!

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