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October 23, 2011


Aw, Irene, don't change. It's hard to tone down that kind of 'joy' and you'll find a buddy who will appreciate it soon, I'm sure. Just keep being your sweet, outgoing self, sweet girl!! <3

Roo is a pistol! She has gained one pound 14 ozs. and pretty much rules the roost. I'm thinking of turning her wheel chair into a floral arrangement because she really doesn't like it. The tomcats want to play with the straps when she isn't in it which is most of the time. I still haven't got a decent picture of her or any of the animals. Sorry folks but thanks for asking.

Aww too cute. There is an awful lot of personality in that little body. Have fun meeting everyone Irene. I'm sure you will make some good friends before too long.

Awwwwww, Irene - HA - don't let Fuzzy set your mind for you - you just need a fur guy with a big ego. You and Fuzzy sure are cute together, whatever happens.

Nothing wrong with a girl that knows what she wants:-)

You have one cutie that's playing hard to get and another that's playing hard to get rid of - - how funny!

That is so funny....hang in there Irene, I'm sure someone is going to find you irristable.
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Irene, I know the feeling! Just use your feminine wiles and maybe Fuzzy will see things your way! :)

Fuzzy: "DAAAAAAD! She's buggin' meeeeeeeee!!!!"

For Kathleen, How is little Roo doing?? We'd love to see an updated photo...she was at RDF such a short time we hardly got to see how cute she is.
As for Irene, how are all the boys not appreciating such a cute outgoing little girl!!

I can identify Irene......I get the same brush-off from men! LOL I can see why you chose Fuzzy though......he is super-cute for sure.

I am besotted with Irene. She reminds me so much of my much loved, departed, Tui. Shi zhu's are the cheerleaders of the dog world! I hope the little sweetheart finds a buddy soon. She can come down and play with Roo! :)

Fuzzy ... are you playing "hard to get"???

I hope she finds a buddy who wants to play with her soon.

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