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October 09, 2011


Sounds to me like you guys need an elevator. Remember, you moved in anticipation of your golden years! Partyon, Beagles!

I love the Widget stories! She is such a character. I completley understand that nocturnal beagle food drive, and the noise that goes along with it. Gotta love that beagle baying.

RE: David's comment

Could be "another" cardboard, like this one? =>

I remember!!!

Once I stopped laughing at the thought of party beagles, I started to ask why you don't just let them walk out. THEN my brain started working again and I thought about 30 dogs trying to get out the door! YIKES!

Great photos!!

It might just be my imagination Steve, but you seem to look different since RDF moved to New Hampshire. You seem to look a little more youthful and more energetic in pictures now (though that could be timing of the pictures). Anyway, reading the blog and your posts is always one of the high points of my day because the love and care shown is evident in every word.

What a workout! No need to lift weights when you can carry dogs around. And much more enjoyable too. Spencer and Katie look very alert, as if their attention is definitely fixed on something. You'd never know they were blind and deaf from that picture. They must have been receiving some kind of scent transmissons. :) Thanks for sharing these great photos!

You are my hero, and your animals are so lucky to have you! no matter how bad my day, your post always inspires me.

Dear Alayne and Steve, you can load three or more babies at once!!!

Try this, for example ==>

Of course, dads are allowed.


The dogs go marching two by two...oh, never mind, the DOGS aren't marching, are they....okay.....the dogs get Steve marching, two by two, hurrah! hurray! (It must be hard to put on weight at that rate!)

Your post today, as many of your posts, bring me smiles or chuckles, or flat-out laughs.
I appreciate all your posts. Many of them have useful words of wisdom. Many of them let us out in the "stix" of Montana--one of my favorite states--know what and how you are doing. You, Steve, and you, Alyne, are amazing! Your work is wonderful. Thank goodness for people like you!

Good Morning folks....thank YOU as always for our daily dose of your loving family...

My stars! How are your knees doing? Fifteen trips up and down the stairs twice a day? Talk about step arobics!! The pictures are great. :) :) What we do in the name of love doesn't really seem so much of a chore, does it? They are so appreciative and CUTE besides!!

What wonderful people you & Alayne are. Some people would simply open the doors and let the dogs find their own way outdoors. You definitely bring concierge service to your "kids".

I'm rather nocturnal myself, so I understand Widget and Dexter's frame of mind. My animals are used to me being off. You've got arms full of love there, Steve! What service!
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tligit

With RDF being as big of an undertaking as it is, efficiency is the name of the game and you've got it down pat for sure!

I'm sure that the dogs love the "car service" every morning!

Lol...thanks for the chuckle!
Nocturnal party beagle. Too cute.

Widget and Dexter are passing vital information. Widget howls every 20-30 seconds asking if Dexter has noticed any sign of some stray food that might be in the area, might have been in the area in the past or might, at some point in the future, be in the area. Party Beagles never get tired of that question and so it goes.

Wow, I thought I had a tough time with getting 3 senior citizen cocker spaniels out in the morning. These are wonderful photos!

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