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October 13, 2011


LOVE the name Irene! It's my middle name, my grandmother's name and my dear sweet departed sheltie's name! She is TOO cute to be named after a Hurricane! God bless you for taking in Irene!

Welcome dear Irene...what a very sweet little girl you are....such a loving family you now have!!

Welcome little Miss Pistol, you are GORGEOUS!! What a cutie!
I had a good chuckle at Avery's reaction to the whirlwind - it's more or less the same as my Old Girl's reaction to anything young and playful these days: just ignore it and pretend not to notice, she usually emphasizes her intention with a long loud yawn!!
Thank you to all who saved Irene and Handsome Owen, I always get a little sad when I think these wonderful personalities might have been lost to us... Thank you thank you thank you!
Take care of yourselves, love&hugs.

OH what a cutie. She will be loads of fun. AGAIN thanks for taking her and Owen. Let the good times roll. Bet she gets adopted out soon ha ha.

She looks a lot like our one-eyed Scamper. He also is newly adopted from our local shelter and a whirlwind of energy. Wears out all of our older dogs and then starts with the cats. (He has already learned the hard way that messing with the cats is not the best idea he ever had). What a pair these two would be.

Avery was meditating: OK! All things must pass... I've been through worse.

Whirlin', twirrelin' little cutie patootie! She is adorable and you tell her she's very beautiful, too!! Thanks so much for the great loving care you give these dear anipals. I'm voting every day!! <3<3

Irene is a lucky gal!!!! We have another Irene who got her name for the same reason. Despite all attempts, we did not find her owner. She's a cross between a boxer and an english bull dog and has an underbite. What a sweetie she is and I can't imagine life without her!!!!

What a charmer! Another case of the big personality in the small package. Thanks for letting us welcome her!

Another perfect example of why you guys, and RDF, are there! So glad everyone along the way chose life for Irene! Looks like she is certainly livening things up!

Oy, good luck! She sounds just like my little Pomeranian, Luna. AKA Lunatic/Looney Tune/Loudmouth/Crazy Train. Have Fun! Can't wait to find out who her play buddy turns out to be.

Welcome Irene!!
Steve and Alayne -After being a regular follower of your blog for a number of years, I took the plunge and adopted a rescue dog earlier this year. I believe I was ready to do this because of all that I've read on your blog. She's great, we'll definitely adopt a rescue dog again.
Coincidentally, she's also a 'smooching Shih Tzu.' with bulging eyes, an underbite and crooked teeth (14 of which required prompt removal after we adopted her). Thanks for all you do.

What an amazing thing it must be for animals like Irene and Owen that have faced pain, abuse, and homelessness to finally understand that Rolling Dog Farms is their home for good. (And what peace it must bring them.) And Steve and Alayne, what satisfaction is must be for you to see these former sad little ones blossom into the dogs they were meant to be. Bravo!

Simply beautiful. Inside and out.

Irene, you're absolutely right: you're VERY pretty!:-)

It's great to know she's no longer in pain, and blissfully happy at RDF.

A huge hug to you all from Italy.

Whaddya mean not cute?! She looks like a little blonde bombshell to me. Give Rennie some kisses back from us out here.

Irene... you are BEAUTIFUL!!! Welcome honey!!

Irene looks like she is winking at us. I'm thrilled that she escaped the "gallows". She has so much to offer if given the chance and now she will have it. A shi zhu is a high energy dog, loyal, very loving and playful. Mine passed June16th of this year after 13+ plus years together. I rescued her from a pound in NH when she was about a year old. She was funny and quirky and missed.

I can see Avery thinking
"ok if I don't move maybe it will go away"

she's fabulous! what a fun and funny little girl! thanks for giving her a chance!

They are both so cute!!!!!! She looks like a pistol. Wish I had room for another one - I would probably be trying to figure out how to get her to MS. HAHA

I am smiling as I read this post.
Such a special girl with so much love. Thank you all for giving her the chance to live. She is a truly a sweetheart. I get the feeling we may be seeing many a post regarding Irene and the "aftermath!"

Welcome, Irene. I can't wait to see what Lori does with you! You're certainly going to change the dynamics around the old homestead with your style. You go, girl!

She's adorable!!

Oh, welcome to RDF, Irene! She's really adorable and it's great that she's fitting in so quickly. Seems that you have another little lovebug on your hands!

What a cute twosome (by chance, but never mind) and how happy they must be to have been rescued! Way to go for all the people involved, including the ever fabulous S&A ofcourse ;-). Maybe you can film her to let us hear the motors inside Steve? You've made me curious about them!

She's poetry in motion--I think she is just beautiful. So cute with Avery.

Good Night, Irene!

She is absolutely adorable! Thank you guys (and everyone involved) who helped her....she is a treasure!

She's great! I really hope that one day I can be a forever home for a dog like the ones you help rescue.

She looks to be very photogenic and very cute! A moving target for sure tho. She sure is a little cutie.

She seems like a handful. A happy handful at that. Best wishes, as always.

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Love Irene, love Owen, love all the other fur babies, love you guys, love RDF(I still want to say RDR!), and really, really love these posts that can't help but to make everyone reading them break out in a great big smile! Welcome to the good life, Irene and Owen!!!

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