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September 11, 2011


I can not tell you how much I love your posts and of course how much I miss them when your off (which is well deserved). thank you so so so much for sharing your and the sweet animals lives with us!

I love this! What a treat for all the horses to get the wonderful apples. Yummy!

Welcome back!!!!

What a wonderful post! I love knowing that Cash and his older companions get the apple treats. Looks like they're lined up for free appitizers at happy hour. What a group of grateful grazers. It's so nice that you have mature apple trees to give them those luscious treats!
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Welcome back from your blog break. I'm finally back too, after being gone for a couple of weeks out of state for my daughter's wedding. Wonder if you missed me lol!

I love those pictures of the horses going for the apples. They know that they want something delicious and they're going to get them for sure!

Too cute! Love the Heaven on earth!

So who are the other two horses in the second photo?

That sure brought a smile to my face. Glad you have those wonderful apples, :)

Do any of the horses realize there is fruit growing overhead?? or do they only pick fallen fruit off the ground?

Add me to the throng who are delighted to have the blog back, but happy you had a bit of time off from it as well! Happy apple eating dear equines.

I still remember the photo of Cash that you posted several years ago. He was a just a colt, and had a "lawnmover" effect going, as he stretched his neck under (not through, if I recall) the fence in Montana to reach the tender grass on the other side. I love your horse posts. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures of the horses looking for apples. Still voting.

I was reading this to my husband and then said, "The blind dogs do really cool things, too." It truly is amazing how they learn and remember such details. Good for them! And as for Cash, that once little zipper-pulling foal, what a guy! I absolutely love his tenacity!

Welcome back! So glad you included Hawk in your post, I love that old man! You have very smart horses, this is the best time of year for apples.

What a wonderful photo. I don't recall how much fruit you said you get from these trees. Do you pick the apples to save for the fall and winter so the horses will have them then? But how smart are they that they know where to find the apples. Amazing!

And some say horses are dumb.....
Lovely view.... I wish I was out there with them!


The horses say... an apple a day keeps the vet away.... mmmm, nice healthy apples.

Welcome back from your blog respite.... you were sorely missed!!!

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