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September 29, 2011


Maybe he's looking for the doggie door so he can go outside and take care of business?

What a charming story of a very brave little boy! Whatever his reason for crate hopping, God bless him and you for giving him his space and dignity to do so.

It seems to me he is just learning about his environment one step at a time. Imagine being blinded without knowing why, being in a new environment, etc. He needs to feel his way around until he is familiar with the territory. My friends have a blind cat who also does not like to be picked up...feeling the ground under their feet and familiar objects in familiar locations are their only connections that let them feel safe.

Baby steps, my friend...or doggy steps..I guess he's thinking.."PHEW, safe this far!" He'll venture further and further...unconditional love and acceptance are the key....and you're giving him that...Bless you for what you do!!

Steve, one of my favorite cartoons ever is a 1-frame Bloom County cartoon where a dog is in the background looking super pensive and content, and in the foreground are two characters. One says to the other, "Dogs. They are so wise and content. I wonder what they are thinking." And in the thought bubble over the dog, he's thinking "Tomorrow I get to poop again!" Hee Hee!

He is house hunting...
prime real estate!

How cute is that...venturing out!!!

Avery, The Little Pilgrim.

Avery is a character! I wish it was easier for us to know what animals are thinking sometimes. I'd love to hear Avery's logic on the crate moves.

Thank you for loving this boy, Alayne and Steve. He is so sweet. And it looks like he is trying to break through his fears. Venturing out in his own way...once crate at a time. I am happy to see that there are now several places where he feels comfortable and I know that will keep expanding.
Happy weekend to everyone at RDF!!

Maybe he's like Goldilocks and he's trying them all out until he finds the perfect one that is just right and wants to keep it.

One little step at a time and if a crate is in the way, well, so be it. I am absolutely besotted by Avery and it's not just his good looks. He is finding his way and one day he will know how truly beautiful and loved he is. Just imagine if he knew how many of us are pulling for this little Beagle! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

The Rivard Gang

Maybe he is respecting his ambivalence? He wants to come out of HIS crate, but not so sure he is ready for a new venture? Will be very interesting indeed to see where this new routine takes him!!! :) Hang in there darlin' Avery. You are too cute.

I find it amazing how he navigates around like this. Thanks for loving him and taking such good care of him ~ and all the other critters, too!

I think maybe the he's checking them all out to see which is the most comfy. Kinda like the three bears...

He's reading the auras of the other dogs, feeling how they feel about where they spend the nights.

Maybe he finds comfort in the other dogs' smell & warmth...

He just looks adorable in his pensive mood, doesn't he?:-)

Aw, Avery is such a sweet boy! Maybe he's looking for some leftovers in the dog bowls in the other crates? Whatever his reason for "crate surfing", he's cute as can be while doing it! :)

I thinks it's a positive sign. Little Avery is venturing out and exploring his environment. Good job little buddy.

I just love that little dog!!

Poor sweet Avery. He's working out his 'issues' in his own special way. Thank goodness he is finally in a safe a loving home and has as many crates as he wants to sit in. God bless him,your other charges and yourselves.

I love Avery. He is working out his problems one by one. Thank you for loving him and giving him a second chance.

I tell ya, that boy is looking for his crate-mate! One of these days you'll find him in a crate at bedtime with someone he chooses and it will be double-bunking from then on.......


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