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September 01, 2011


I love it. dogs are so funny that way. love the photo's. Just like Dawn said, it's break time. cool article. thanks for sharing.

I love it! So typical indeed. Thanks for sharing these. Have a great week!

That is so funny!

I hope you can get away from the kids on your break. I have a smaller sanctuary, and I know there is nothing like a break in the routine for a few days to make you realize how sweet and precious the routine is! It can begin to seem like drudgery otherwise (but you know that!)


We have a bit of a corollary situation with 2 bowls next to each other. As soon as I tell the girls they need new water & take one bowl to the sink, they take a big drink of the "old water" in the other bowl. Consistently. Go figure... why we enjoy them so.

Have a wonderful, well deserved blog break Steve, Alayne, all at RDF.

Well done you two!! You most certainly deserve time to devote to other things...we love you all and will patiently await more news of your darlings...take care, sincerely, Valerie from up in southern MB.

Just too dang cute! Love it! Glad you survived Hurrican Irene.

Hope you can relax a little on your blog break!

It's a case of "the grass is greener"; the water in the "other" bowl is better. I will miss your blogs as they are the high point of my week, but I don't know how you find the time to do everything you do. It's assuring to know that all is well and that your "time off" (isn't that a joke?) isn't due to a catastrophe, dogastrophe, horseastrophe, or worse yet, a personastrophe!!! :) :) :)

The pictures you post & the stories with them are so heartwarming and precious to see. I hope you & Alayne are able to use some of your time off to just relax & enjoy the "kids".

Yes, of course they are trading places - it's so animal pc! And so happy to hear you all will be taking a break!! (Like you EVER take a real break!!!) Hope you get lots done, with perfect weather and some help along the way.

Dear Steve and Alayne--you deserve a break. I am sure most, if not all, of us who read your blogs enjoy them thoroughly. Funny, sad, informative, and everything in between. The pictures are also delightful. Thank you for all the time you spend doing the blogs. They help keep in touch and remind us of all the good work you do for all the animals. Thank you.

Too funny!! Isn't that just the way? Hope you get lots done on your blog break, and have some time for just you humans too!

So amusing!!

Hey, you get time off for Labor Day all though your Labor of LOVE is 24/7 with RDF!!

Yup,can't figure out the water bowl situation at my house either. Same thing going on. And why is it with 5 toys out in the open, the fuzzy kids want toy #6?

Have a good rest and relaxation!

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