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September 25, 2011


Awwww my heart goes out to Avery. I'm so thankful he has a safe place to stay and kind people around him now.

It's a hard row to hoe. Living with kind people and with other happy, healthy dogs will help the real Avery come through some day. For now, he's always on his guard, distrusting all kindness because it feels like only an interlude between abusive episodes.

I'm so happy that Avery has you now, it takes time but I know he'll learn to trust again. Having had a dog who came to us with fear urination and shaking at any move toward her I can understand how hard it is. It's been two years now and she's much better, even leaps in our laps instead of hiding under the furniture.
Looking forward a lot to the tv show!

Avery is clearly in the best possible home--freedom from pain, fabulous care and total understanding. Whatever came before, I hope he can eventually put it behind him. Alayne and Steve, you continually inspire us; our blind rescue poodle needed emergency surgery this summer to remove eyes that had become painful and ulcerated despite care. Being a regular follower of the blog, I had no hesitation in suggesting to the emergency vet that we relieve Mojo's pain by removing his sightless eyes. The vet seemed both surprised and a bit relieved that we came to he decision so quickly. So, Mojo had his surgery--and another one 48 hours later when he developed internal bleeding. Knowing how much such care costs, I am so grateful that you are there to provide Avery and all the other RDF residents with both love and quality medical care.

Oh My God...that breaks my heart! Thank you guys for taking Avery into your home & family and for showing him that there are good people in this world and that he is loved and will be loved for the rest of his life....

There laws are not tough enough to take these abusers and punish them for their abuse of helpless animals.

I have such a a dog and after years of love and care; she finally lets me hold her. She still won't let my husband. So we patiently wait. It's her decision and we just love her so much.

Poor Avery has scars from his abuse in the past, but I'm so happy that he is now in your loving care. He more than deserves all the love and patience that you and Alayne are showering upon him. I hope he will eventually learn that he is now in a loving and safe place, so he can relax and just be happy that he made it to the RDR!
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Poor Avery! That must be heartbreaking to see every day. Pretty soon he's sure to realize that only good things come from you and Alayne. Meantime, at least you've developed a strategy that improves your odds of not having to change clothes!

I hope Avery's previous owner has had all animals taken from him or her. Hell is far too good for the person. A gentle kiss on each of Avery's beautiful "eyes" from The Rivard Gang.

Poor fellow! It seems Avery was singled out for abuse or, at least, abused on an individual basis every time. He likely never knew what triggered the abuse because it must have happened randomly. He knows only that it was preceded by being picked up. Due to the unpredictable nature of his abuse, *everything* in life is scary.
My heart goes out to him and to all those, human and animal, who are trying to get over lives of abuse. It's a hard row to hoe. Living with kind people and with other happy, healthy dogs will help the real Avery come through some day. For now, he's always on his guard, distrusting all kindness because it feels like only an interlude between abusive episodes. Suffering at the hands of one's caretakers is especially difficult. It's very wearing to wait watchfully for the "next time." Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to move to a new home where life is as it should be. The animal (or person) is haunted by his past; it's tough to fight "ghosts."
Good job, Steve and Alayne! You've done this before, and you know just how to work with these poor creatures.

Ah poor little guy. I know with time and your love he will feel more settled, and I'm thankful to you for that.

Avery could be in no better hands. You are so very thoughtful. Time and loving care are wonderful healers. All our best.

Bless your hearts for showing Avery that he now has two angels for parents and lots of sweet siblings. I think that people and animals have such a hard time CHANGING even though they have a better situation because the feelings they encounter are so different from the bad ones and so overwhelming. I think Avery will feel the good, warm touches more and more. Thank you for all you do!!

My heart is just breaking with your story of dear Avery...I think that I would never want to put him down after he was in my arms...I would just smoother him with kisses and gentle strokes...thank YOU BOTH for the love and compassion you are giving him....

Poor Baby can't wait for the day tha you blog you were apply to pick him up and cuddle!!!

It feels great to know that, after the terrible ordeal Avery must have gone through, he is now at RDF, where he's going to get plenty of time, patience and - above all - love.

God bless you all.

Avery couldn't be in better hands than he is with you, Alayne and his furfriends at RDF. No matter what his issues are, he will be given love and attention and I'm sure that in time, he will realize that not all people are bad and he will be loved for the rest of his life :)

It is so difficult to trust once that has been lost or destroyed. You are there for Avery and that is the love he needs right now. Poor little guy. My heart goes out to him. Thank you for the love you give.

Oh sweet Avery! I am so sorry that you went through so much pain. But now things are better for you and you are surrounded by love.
Thank you Alayne, Steve and all the dogs at RDF for loving and caring about this little guy.

I have no doubt that with time and your love, Avery will lose his fear and know he has a safe home. My heart goes out to this little guy and what must have happened to make him so afraid. All of us who love our dogs can not understand how some people can be so cruel to animals. God bless you everyday.

Bless your hearts!! I do Australian Cattle dog rescue here in Seattle, and we just got an 8 yr old female in the exact same situation! Her eyes were removed last Friday, and her pain is gone!! But sadly, terrified of being picked up as well. She also had Pyometra and both ears horribly infected. Sandy is now on the mend, and knows what real love is. Avery will know too, soon enough :)

After just adopting a border collie mix who was born with no eyes, I can totally understand the fear they have. Josie is food aggressive because she was dumped in the country to die and I guess she had to fend for herself, so I'm hoping to work with her on this by seeing if she'll catch on when I move the bowl, give her a small treat, return the bowl..repeat, repeat, repeat!! I just find it SO sad that anyone could harm ANY animal, let alone a handicapped one!
Thank you so much for all that you and your wife's truly inspiring...and if you have any suggestions on how to further work with Josie on her food 'issues', I'm more than willing to listen!! (Btw, I AM going to be wearing heavy gardening gloves, when I remove that bowl! lol )

Poor Avery! He's very lucky to have found your home...

Would it make any positive difference if he shared a crate with another dog?

I don't know the doggie politics of crates - do dogs like their own private space, or might they better enjoy cohabiting? Might he be more comfortable exiting in the AM with his bed buddy?

Our dachshund Roxie just lost her sight completely to SARD (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration) and we are making all kinds of accomodations, such as a full size mattress on the floor for family loving.... bet Martha Steward wouldn't approve of the decorating scheme, but the needs of these blind babes come first!!!

Awww, sweet Avery! My heart goes out to him & am so thankful he is now in a safe, loving environment that he will someday learn he can trust again. Sounds like he is slowing progressing & it's all about one day at a time.

Thank goodness Avery has the luxury of love and compassion!

It has sadly been so hard earned.

I hope you have a large wardrobe..

There is no doubt in my mind that with Alayne and Steves loving care Avery will eventually overcome his fear of people. Its touching to read about the ways in which you both work with and around a dogs disability (be it physical or emotional) in order to help them and make them feel comfortable and safe. You guys are amazing!

I sure hope he finds his comfort zone and knows you are helping him!

When you think of poor babies like Avery and all they have been through it is truly heartbreaking. His heartbreak and pain is over now though and in time he'll work through his issues, dogs are amazing they can bounce back from something that a person could never recover from. Bless you guys for being there for these that have been through so much.

THANK YOU for providing a SAFE HAVEN for Avery!! Thank goodness for RDF!!

Excited about seeing the upcoming segment of RDF!! Love the exposure because hopefully it will bring in more donations for the residents!

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