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September 15, 2011


Frogs down here are also pretty brave: I would be quietly sitting in my bedroom (with my doggie companion) working on a piece of knitting or embroidery - then suddenly hear a quiet splash: a regular frog-visitor taking a swim in doggie's water bowl in the kitchen!! Very brave indeed. Doggie doesn't seem to mind sharing though.

I love how Madison in the last pic seems to be looking around sensing something is going on...after all the camera is clicking away! Dogs & frogs living together in harmony. Cool!

It's your blog you do with it as you wish. As a long time reader I feel honored to be able to get a glimpse of your life & the amazing work you all do. Losing one of your fur friends/family is hard & if you don't feel like talking or telling the readers about it that is YOUR choice. I'm sorry that some people feel it's okay to burden you w/ their complaints.

RIP, Dusty! RIP, Cinder

I have a toad who comes out onto my paved driveway each night to go after the insects that are attracted to the lamplight. I have to be careful when getting home at night not to squish him with my truck, and I also have to make sure my dog, Carmen, leaves him alone! Love the pics!

Nice to read about the toad and the dog, and I espcially like the look of 'what, where?' in the direction of Madison's head in the last one.

I have been thinking about the "not blog everything" remark, and I would like to comment on it. Maybe it is too painful to write about all of the losses, maybe you fear that the blog might get too sad, I am only guessing here ofcourse. But, because there is no link on the main page to see if animals are still around, I can only assume that they are until you mention otherwise... and then there can be a loss that is quite some months old! I remember the two Belgian horses, it felt like an extra shock to learn in Januari that Rooster had died the previous Fall.

This only to explain the (maybe morbid?) curiosity for all the lovely animal companions I love to read about... thank you for writing your blog, in whatever form you feel most happy with.

Rest in Peace, Dusty. We will miss your handsome face and sweet soul.

Hi Steve & Alyne,

I'm so glad you guys are there and helping out as many animals as you do. Post what you want when you want! I'm always glad to read...Keep up the great work...and Wow that kitty scored!!!



My condolences on the loss of Dusty. He was loved had a good life with you and Alayne.

I had a toad who used to hang out on the backdoor step in the evenings. He ignored the dogs and the dogs ignored him. It was so cute to see him just sitting there. He was here for about 5 years (a long time for a toad to live I believe) but I haven't seen him for a couple of years now so I think he's no longer with us. I used to sprinkle water on him during the hot southern nights when it hadn't rained in a while...guess he liked the good treatment since he hopped in the house a few times!

It would never cross my mind to think that you were disrespecting any of your creatures by not posting an RIP. As someone else posted, "your blog, your rules."

I think we all become so emotionally attached to your animals that we feel like they're part of our family, too, and want to know everything that goes on with them. (That's just a personal opinion,not a suggestion to change your ways.)

RIP, sweet Dusty. You lived a good life at RDF and lived more good years than those bad ones in the sledding industry.

Just a reminder: The "SEARCH" box on the side brings up all the old posts and any comment that includes that word, too. It's an easy way to take a look back at any of the animals. I use it all the times to remember each animals' story.

No complaints here. And I do share my heartfelt condolences regarding dear Cinder & Dusty. Never doubt your judgement. Know how hard that is, always.

Cool frogs/toads! I liked the "lovestruck" comment, and think before too long they'll have names, too. All the best RDF!

That is definately not a frog but a toad. Is there a light on the porch that might be attracting insects for the toads to eat? Our dogs will pick up the toads and then promptly spit them out. Toads are great fun to have around and great for the yard and garden. With the general decline in amphibians around the world it is nice to keep a habitat for them in your yard.

I'm so very sorry to hear about Dusty. I know that he was one of your long time family members so his loss must have been particularly hard. I know you cannot post about everything that goes on at RDF but I hope you feel you can always post about losses such as this. We are here to support you both in good times and bad.

Yep, my dogs go frog hunting every evening at dusk - you can find them lying very still with their noses inches from the holes in the ground where they know the toads live. Then they "play" with them and froth at the mouth, and come in looking all hangdog and pitiful with thick mucus dripping everywhere. Pretty funny - they just can't help themselves, even though it makes them miserable!

That little 'hopper' is a Toad. They stay in the soil (dirt) during the heat of the day and move about early evening when it is cooler. When it turns cold, they snuggle in to their subterranean hide-a-ways and should one be dislodged, they are dazed and confused till they come out of hibernation. They do secrete a nasty substance and should a critter mouth one, as a rule, they only do it once. They have a voracious appetite for yard insects and are worth keeping around. A couple of terra cotta Toad houses under the porch would encourage them to cluster away from the traffic pattern of the yard as they like the cool moisture of soil and clay. Welcome to our Eastern habitat!

Thanks for all you both do for so many of our displaced fur children,

Thats the one thing I really miss on this blog, is the portion of "meet the animals". Example, I wanted to read about Dusty and refresh my mind on how he ended up at the ranch. Was Dusty the white dog that use to sleep out under the tree? I know you can't post on all of them, but we do get emotionally attached to all the animal and it would be nice to know they have passed. Saying that I love the blog, love the farm, and LOVE the critters.....

RIP Dusty and Cinder! Congrats to Mink - she scored big time! AND thank you for all that you both do for guys are true hero's.........

So sorry to hear about Dusty! He had a rough background and its so nice to know he lived his remaining years safe and treated with love and kindness. You guys are wonderful!

Have you thought about changing the name to the "Rolling Frog Ranch"?
The pics are great and I love the live and let live attitude.
I'm so sorry about Dusty and Cinder. They were each so fortunate to be in your loving care. Thank you both for all that you did for them over the years.
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Next time the frogs invade the porch, Alayne should start kissing them to see if any enchanted princes appear. On second thought, all you're likely to get is a lot of lovestruck frogs,so maybe not.
Funny pictures on this post, and a funny story, too - - thanks! Have a good weekend, folks!

I'm not sure, I could be wrong, but it seems that not too long ago I read an article (can't find it now) warning of the dangers of dogs eating frogs, that they are poisonous. If I can find it, I will forward it to you.

Always love stopping by to find out what's new at RDR. Feels like coming home.

Some of our Florida frogs/toads make the dog foam at the mouth if they decide to take a chomp - like they have rabies or something.
Scary first time it happens!! Wonder what would happen in NH??

Your blog, your rules. But I have to say, as I mentioned in the private email a few weeks ago, your posts about sickness/declining health and deaths helped me enormously in the last year of my dog's life and most of all the day she died. While sharing the loss of your beloved pets, you educate those of us that haven't experienced all that you and Alayne have at the ranch. I appreciate everything I've learned from this blog and I doubt I am alone.

RIP Dusty.

Not to nitpick but methinks what you have are toads. I miss them since moving to Colorado. Oh, and apparently, they taste quite nasty. They excrete somthing foul tasting through their skin when threatened.

The frog-dog situation is very interesting. I wonder if anyone ever tries catching them when you're not around. Probably one brief sniff and taste is enough to satisfy anyone's curiosity. Thanks for the cute photos!

Sorry to hear about Cinder and Dusty. Having to post bad news is never easy, and dealing with complaints is a downer too! I'm very glad that you can find the time to post as much as you do. It's really nice to get a glimpse of life at the sanctuary and to learn about your new home. Thank you, it is very much appreciated!

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