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August 09, 2011


I hope you write a book someday, Steve. I'd edit it for free (I'm a semi-retired editor). Your writing style reminds me so much of the late great James Herriot. And what stories you have to tell!

Lori clearly loves her job and her clients!

Lori does a wonderful job with everything she does...I love you my friend! These puppies love you too!

Every girl likes a "new do". You look fantastic honey!!!!

What a sweet picture of two beautiful girls. Sophie, you have the sweetest little face - thanks to Lori, you'll be much more comfortable now!!

Sophie looks absolutely gorgeous and that little tip of tongue showing is rather coquettish! :) Is there a soul so dead that can't love a dachshund? She is just too cute for words!!! :) :)

Nice Job!! I was wondering if Lori still gets to groom the poodle sisters? She always made them look so good! I am glad all the little tykes at RDF got their new makeovers, dogs always seem to feel so GOOD after a grooming.

Sweet sweet face that Sophie has.

Sorry that you lost one of your rakes Steve, but Sophie looks awfully proud of her new look.

(At first when I read the caption, I thought Lori was adopting her!)

Lori did a wonderful job and Sophie is even more beautiful than before! And that tongue!! How adorable!!

What an adorable picture and love the new look!

Sophie is becoming one of my favorites. She's so sweet!!

Sleek Sophie!!

Sophie looks mahvelous dahlink! Lori did a wonderful job.

Your story had me dog Tara is a sheltie mix with a somewhat low-slung physique and with her long feathery hair, tail and ears, she brings in much of the aforementioned objects plus a ton of grass pieces after the lawn is mowed (and this is a dog who is allergic to grass, etc...she gets allergy shots). Every time she wants to come back in I have to brush like crazy out on the patio to get it all out and there's still stuff all over!

I decided I had to do something lol! My friend is a groomer and I asked her to shave her down completely...and I mean completely! Hair totally buzzed down, ears all trimmed and tail all cut. She does look a little bit "interesting" without her normal feathered look, but not only does she not drag anything in anymore, she's more comfortable in the triple-digit temps we've been having. I wish I could post a before and after pic here. You'd be hooting!

How cute is she?

And, now you have to breakdown and go buy a mop....

It's okay Miss belly hangs down farther than it should too and no amount of grooming will help me! You just tell others to love you just the way you are. Looking good girly.

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