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August 02, 2011


Spinner has always been one of my faves. :-)

We "two-legged" animals can learn so much from these fuzzy kids about disabilities and how to handle them. These fuzzy kids are amazing .... dealing with obstacles and getting on with enjoying their life!

All of your animals are incredible and each has an endearing qualityt that I just love, but there is something about Spinner... she is and has always been my favorite of your pack. So glad to see she is living life to the fullest... fluffy white fur on her chin and all.

Spinner is beautiful, a worthy (double) cover girl!

I wish all the people who check PetFinder would look at your blog and see how well adjusted the animals are. They are happy, normal dogs. Having one of them in your home would be the best gift someone could give themselves.

Spinner is adorable! And that sure does look like a fake mustache she has there. After looking through the comments I was interested to know where Moon lives that there is a limit to how many pets you can have in your house. I understand that it may prevent hoarding, but a limit of three is a but overly cautious. I could never live in that town. :(

What a beautiful girl you are, Spinner. And so lucky to have a bed all to yourself ! are so precious!
What a sweetheart...

I would love to have them all!

My deaf and/or blind animals have always been my most precious.
I can't imagine not wanting or loving them...

Spinner looks like she has one of those fake mustaches that has decided to fall off and work its way down! She's a beautiful girl.

Being on disability I don't have the finances (I do without some things so I can make sure the 2 dogs I have will have everything they need) but if I did, I would take a blind, deaf or blind & deaf dog in a heartbeat. They have no idea that anything is wrong, this is just regular life for them. I wish more people would realize that there isn't really any more work involved than with a dog with sight or hearing and they are missing out on a loving companion!

Great blog. Spinner you are wonderful in every way!!!!

Steve & Alayne--I will make a long story short in telling you that back on May 9th we became the proud parents of Milli Diablo. She is a little pitch black poodle, @ 10 years old, deaf as a stone and mostly blind from cataracts. She was confiscated from a hoarder in Montana in January 2011 and came into our lives on May 9th. The progress that this little girl has made in almost 3 months is amazing. She doesn't have nightmares anymore---that was the worst! Her 'new' 14 yr old yorkie brother now sleeps next to her and eats about 6 inches from her. If you knew him you would understand how huge this is. Two weeks ago she got a new baby sister---a 7 month old yorkie. You should see them play!!! When Milli came to us she had no idea what toys were. Now she and the puppy romp and tussle and bark like crazy:-) We are the luckiest two humans because of these four legged furry treasures.

Isn't a white feather stuck to her chin? RIP, poor bird... :( :(

Well I can personally vouch for how while these two ADORABLE dogs get around. While I was visiting this past spring, I had let them out of their section of the yard, and they both zoomed over to the steps and zipped right into the dog wing!! They knew EXACTLY where they were going. They may have over estimated where the door was, but they never the less, knew which direction to go. If I didn’t have Levi and Timmy…I would snatch these two up myself before my sister gets to them!! The right person will definitely come along, I have no doubt!! And Spinner you too are just to adorable for words!

You dont have Spinner up for adoption do you?? I thought she was a "keeper"! You yourself said once how well bonded she was to you and I remember reading of the greeting she gave you when she realized you were at the end of the long dog caravan to NH. I hope you only want to feature her as how well a differently-abled animal can do in our world of sights and sounds. Please give that wonderful, beautiful girl a big hug from we in Florida. I am glad she will a cover girl (maybe someday she can even be a centerfold!!!)

Looks like she has a little mustache. :-) What a cutie pie!

Oh, Spinner! I LOVE her!! And I especially love that she has a whole twin bed to herself! Yay! :-) Glad she is doing so well and loving life in New Hampshire. Thank you for featuring your long-timers so that we don't forget about them, Steve.

When the time comes that I can have a dog and take care of one like he/she deserves, I hope I have the opportunity to adopt a pair like Spencer and Katie. Thanks, again, for all the work you do.

Hey, Spinner, this could be a new look for you - - it's awfully cute! I would *dearly love* to welcome Kate and Spencer into my home. My town's limit on three pets per household stops me from doing so. The town clerk should get a look at those two; they're so beautiful they'd surely change his mind.

Spinner is lovely, no matter what is stuck to her beautiful face!!

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