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August 07, 2011


I love dear Samantha. And, I love that look...very pleased with herself.

Oh, the doggy soap operas! HA!

Love Smilin' Sam! And these hole posts make me think of Hogan's Heroes for some reason....

What a comical look on that face! Maybe some of your dedicated diggers will unearth some fossils or interesting artifacts.

I read this post just after coming in from doing yardwork and commenting, "if you can teach a dog to chase sheep, but not catch them, or retrieve birds but not eat them, how come we can't tell them 'if you're going to dig holes anyway, could you do one here?' Sam is quite a skilled engineer.

Great post! Love that face.

Smilin' Sam is as beautiful as ever!

Will think of you as the Rolling Dog Soap Opera Ranch today after these tales of strife!! :) Gimmie me that dugout, says Libby - I've got my feelings, you know.

So great to see Sam first thing this morning....looking good you beautiful girl!!

That is one supersize hole! Sam is no little dog and she fits in it just fine. And that look on her face! You can just tell someone woke her out of a sound sleep as she was having dreams of bones and toys. Good photo.

Sam is popping up like a merkat as if to say, "You think I did this?" I think the mud on her paws give her away. How funny! So glad they're not having to be out in triple digit temps as we're having here!
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I love the look on Sam's face...she looks more like "Smirking Sam" and I can picture her thinking "ha ha, I got into this hole that you probably didn't want me in!" She's such a sweet girl!

Are you going to fill that hole back up again?

LOVE YOU Smiling Sam!!!

The look on her "exit" face says it all! What hole? Who Me?????

Fabulous post!! Thanks for all the mini updates. Glad to know Mitch is in a yard with other dogs. And beautiful Sam... what a sweetie! What's with Patti not liking Libby???
You simply must reconsider writing a book!

It's great to see Smilin' Sam's face again. ;-)

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