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August 04, 2011


Thank you for sharing. This brought tears to my eyes, for I have had to put down two dogs and though years have passed, I still cry when I remember it.

I echo Leah's words with tears steaming down my face. You give the animals such dignity. Thank you Steve, Alayne and Kate!

So sad and yet so thoughtful. Rosie deserved to know what happened to her companion. It's only fair. Bo, you were loved by person and horse alike. And you lived a wonderful life at RDF. RIP, dearest boy. I kiss your little nose.

I could never understand why people say that animals have only instinct, and do not have intelligence and feelings. Such situations are always painful, but there is a "tragic beauty" when we witness events such as Rosie's reaction. So sorry... :( :( :(

Steve, I'm SO sorry about Bo! It's never an easy decision to make, but you & Alayne always make sure all of your animals have the best medical care & quality of life, right up until the end. Nobody can ask for more than that! Thanks for all you do for our furry friends!

Thank you for sharing. It is never easy. And, thank you for what you do!

I'm sorry to hear about Bo. What a kind, sweet, gentle way to escort him on his journey.

Always hard to let them go. I had to euthanase my last two horses together 15 yrs ago. Gone but never forgotten.

I am so sorry for your loss. I know from personal experience that it never gets easier, even when you know it's for the best. I respect you for being willing and able to make these decisions that, while difficult, are in the animal's best interest. I appreciate you putting your hearts out there again and again to care for these beautiful animals that a lot of people would consider worthless. Though only one at a time, I have had several animals with various disabilities and can't imagine having lived without them and the joy they bring. Thank you for doing what you do!

Please accept my sympathies on Bo's death. It's never an easy decision to put an animal down, but you did it with love, dignity and kindness, which is all anyone could ask, really.

Thank you for giving us a loving view of this very sad and difficult day.

God bless you guys. Those of us who have pets eventually go thru the hard decision that you 2 go through so often because of the number of animal friends you care for. I am sure it never gets easy. Thankfully you have learned ways to help their animal friends cope with their loss. Once again, I am in awe of your dedication and perserverence. You are 2 of my heros.

So Sad. We recently lost our best friend Rudy to cancer. Its hard to let them go but when its time, you just have face it and do what is right.

Poor Bo, but what a lovely life you enabled him to have. The world is a better place for having Rolling Dog Ranch in it :) x

I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't know how long Bo was with you, but however long it was, he had a good loving place to live.
RIP Bo, you beautiful boy.

I hate to hear about poor Bo, but at least he was with caring, loving people who knew when the time was right to let him go. And I'm so glad Rosie got to say her goodbyes.

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