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August 11, 2011


#10 on the cute scale!

Oh my! Clyde IS quite handsome! Look out ladies!

Clyde is cute as a button! Odd that he is "peering" in the door when he is blind. I wonder if he knows instinctively to get up on his hind legs so you guys will see him through the door??

What a cutie! It's great to see the new summer cuts. Clyde looks like a real character.

How absoluetely sweet and adorable!!

Little Clyde is simply precious! Would be impossible to ignore that little face at the door. :)

Clyde is way too cute! And persistent! And it pays off!

Oh, Clyde what a little munchkin you are! - if you were here,I would sit you on my shoulder and snuggle for a bit! Have a great weekend RDF! :)

Adorable, what a little cutie! Heart-melting!

Clyde is so stinkin' cute! And it's amazing that he zooms around and comes to both doors like that without vision. I love these stories! Thanks for all you do.

Hmm maybe he is trying to tell you something like "Hurry Timmmy's fell in the Well" LOL


Too, too CUTE!!! What a little character! Service getting kinda' slow around there, Clyde? Would you like to come live with me........I jump at the first meow or arf! :) :) You got it made, Little Man!

Who could possibly resist that cute little face peering in the door! It's amazing that being blind Clyde still is able to locate both doors to the house so easily.

Just adorable!

Please give Clyde a BIG hug from me, will you?

Oh my goodness Clyde, you are so CUTE!! And it is nice to see Clyde lives by the credo...If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. I wish I lived near enough to have Lori groom my little one, she does a great job!!

Lovely way to start the day.

They look wonderfu, and probably feel they look wonderful, with their new hair cuts!

Oh my gosh, how cute is that?

Oh my goodness, Clyde is so precious!! He looks wonderful with his new cut and bandana.

After enlarging the pictures, I got a good chuckle out of the expressions on his face while he's peering through the door. That little face just makes me smile!

What a cutie patutie. Love the little bandana and new "do".


I want in! I want in! Come on.... let me in. I want to show you how CUTE i look with my new "do"!!!!

Dear little Clyde, the teddy bear! I wish all at RDF a lovely weekend.

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